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SolaceInSound 2013年4月29日下午12:29
Can someone elaborate on the co-op aspect?
For the co-op campaign, how many players can join? is it just 2 player, or up to 4? The fact that there is a 4 pack leads me to believe it might be 4, but that also could just be for the competitive MP. Also, is the co-op LAN only or is online co-op there as well? I've read a few confusing comments here and there, and would love some clarification. Thanks!
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Talia Necrothe 2013年4月29日下午2:23 
2 person online, my bad. Thought this was the Monaco board.
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ColdEquation  [开发者] 2013年4月30日上午10:18 
Actually, you can play co-op with any number of people that you connection supports, usually about 4 (but I've seen games with as many as 8). Both LAN and online are supported.
SolaceInSound 2013年4月30日下午2:30 
awesome! thanks
Cowbelle 2013年5月10日下午5:37 
How do you play Co-op? I tried to and when I pressed host I got dumped straight into the game, and the person I was trying to play with couldn't find me in the server list and there was no option to invite them via steam chat or in-game.
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