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Mittens 2014年3月21日 6時38分
Hows the Multiplayer?
Do people play it often? Is it good?
I'm interesting in buying this, but only for the multiplayer, I don't want the singleplayer part at all tbh
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ERROR 2014年3月21日 23時32分 
It's dead. It's been like that almost from the beginning. You can play some multiplayer mods with AI, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Mittens 2014年3月28日 7時25分 
Oh OK, I guess I'll give this a miss then.
It's too bad there aren't enough 6DOF shooter fans in the world to properly sustain multiplayer for long
Blindlight 2014年8月24日 10時17分 
thunchald 2014年9月28日 15時24分 
It was fun back when the devs hosted multiplayer events, but seems dead now. Smoke grenades kill framerate in multiplayer and was a huge problem. Whatever happened to Cadenza? They were working on a new game a year ago, but their forums are filled with spam now.
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