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DudeThatWins Jun 23, 2013 @ 7:10am
Idea: Cross game mode character and stats
Something that I hope will be allowed, once saving has been implemented into the game, is the possibility to take your character you've created and leveled up real high playing fort defense mode, and maybe you can take that character into your survival mode and have all your stats you gained carry over with you.

I would expect in order to keep a certain level of balance perhaps you will not be able to cross over your items, unless you somehow implement some sort of monster generator to match something equivalent to item levels so not to unbalance the mobs you will have to fight. It's hard to feel terrified of an alien world when you can show up with tons of stuff you built in another game and transferred over to a new one.

Also I'm a big fan of modding, perhaps a set of tools that a server host might be able to tweek with to create entirely new game modes. An example i'd give is maybe in a multi-player match where you can build pre set archetypes in a 8 vs 8 match. some players might choose a "builder" archetype which limits what weapons you can use, while other might have to pick trully dedicated roles such as scouts, defenders, engineers and so on, not every person on our military bases hear on earth are expert sniperninjabobthebuilderrocketeerscientistcolonistmarines

After all sometimes it's not just what you are able to do that makes the game fun, but rather what you are able to do with your limitations in place. It's what makes chess and checkers so great, but then agian who doesn't like the limitlessness that lego's can provide, So to sum it all up, ability to mod will be a major boon (cause we can build it and you don't have to) or even a nice set of tools in game would be most awesome.
Date Posted: Jun 23, 2013 @ 7:10am
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