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Starforge Hotfix, 0.4.7a
  • Tweaked costs and build times of various power components
  • Improved placing of all placable items
  • Improved performance of the power system

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that prevented procedural weapons from loading correctly
  • Fixed bug that caused the camera to distort after an autosave
  • Fixed a variety of errors occurring from the power system

Known Issues
  • Sometimes "synced" saved characters can come out of sync, especially when the player is not the server. This can cause many "local" saved characters to accumulate. Recommended workaround is to always load the server version, as it will always work, however the "local" characters will still accumulate.
  • The pallets that spawn initially when starting a game do not sync across multiplayer, though all other pallets sync properly.
  • Under certain circumstances, power lasers won't sync to all clients.
  • Weapons and items held by other players may not be visible in their hands when initially joining a server.
  • Some computers may experience a framerate limit of 30 fps.
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