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TheStupidItBurns 11 feb 2013, ore 0:20
I'm about 1/4 of the way through the game and keep running into the T-Rex's. As soon as one shows up, game over. The screen scrolls at triple speed, and regardless of my armor, shield, sword, wand levels (also the only thing I don't have yet XP-wise is the extra damage vs dragons), these things flat out kill me. I can be on the far right of the screen, and they still have half their hit points. Are these things even possible to kill? They are seriously broken.
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°•👽 Louna 👽•° 11 feb 2013, ore 0:33 
I've been able to beat all the dragons type. Be sure to upgrade your stuff AND door (those are 2 different type of upgrade.)
Twelvefield 11 feb 2013, ore 1:09 
The extra damage versus dragons does help. Maybe hang on to a food item until you face a dragon. I'm sure there will be a scene in the 3rd Hobbit movie where the gang stops for a cup of product-placement Starbucks coffee before finishing off Smaug.

Dang, was that a spoiler?

In any case, the dragons are definitely mortal, and you can kill them if you just keep matching.

EDIT: reading back, is a T-Rex a dragon? Actually, I'm pretty sure it isn't. So some of what I posted here is no good. Doesn't matter, dragons are 50x tougher than T- Rex's. Just match items as fast as you can, and try to get multiple chains of attack, that helps a lot. Single attacks just waste your time, even 4x and 5x matches are too slow. Use chest goodies to load the screen with wands and swords then pick matches at the bottom so that you create more chains. A couple of 4 chains or a single five chain will waste a T-Rex no problem. You'll be wearing T- Rex for a hat before you know it. Then come the dragons.
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TheStupidItBurns 19 feb 2013, ore 21:03 
Awesome, thanks! Got everything upgraded to max.
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