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Esteban 24 jan 2013 om 1:32nm
Im going for WorldRecord (Time)
What is the current time WR?
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Esteban 24 jan 2013 om 1:35nm 
Would be cool if you added in game highscore list Time and Score
jaerak 24 jan 2013 om 5:27nm 
I think my time is 2:20:00-ish and score is 36mil
ExaltedJim 25 jan 2013 om 10:25nm 
Holy crap 36 million!!! And I thought my score of 17 million was decent :)
Twelvefield 11 feb 2013 om 1:05vm 
I finally just finished the game, 7:48'. I'm pretty sure that's good enough to put me into last place. But its finished! Money well spent.
Oannès 16 feb om 5:49vm 
I did 3h19:35 today after 4 tries.
Oannès 17 feb om 9:07vm 
Ok, my best is now 2:43:30
I didn't see better on the internet...
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Oannès 3 mrt om 11:03vm 
I did 2h22 yesterday :)
Esteban 13 mrt om 3:44nm 
3:12 is mine. Kinda sad they still dont have a hall of fame in game imo
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