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trap 17 stycznia 2013 o 18:01
Why should i buy this game?
all in the title
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TemplePit 17 stycznia 2013 o 19:07 
If you're an old skool' gamer like me, or if you like puzzle games, it will keep for entertained for hours. I've just bought it a few hours ago, and i can't stop playing. Plus it's cheap!
It's quite challenging too!
But that's just my opinion.
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AmAtic 17 stycznia 2013 o 19:56 
How the hell should I know? I don't even know who you are!
seaweed22 17 stycznia 2013 o 23:00 
Haldurson 17 stycznia 2013 o 23:40 
I bought it because people told me that it reminded them of Puzzle Quest. Well playing it only wanted me to play Puzzle Quest 1 and 2 more, because it's no where near as good.

It's not that great a game, honestly. I got about an hours worth of play out of my money and won't be revisiting it. So for me, it wasn't worth it at all.
trap 18 stycznia 2013 o 20:26 
How the hell should I know? I don't even know who you are!
because im ur dad
Honor_Bound 18 stycznia 2013 o 20:52 
How the hell should I know? I don't even know who you are!
because im ur dad

PhoenixUltima 18 stycznia 2013 o 21:02 
Honestly, I just bought it because it was 4 dollars and looked like a decent way to kill time. Overall I'd say I got 4 dollars' worth of entertainment out of it.
DemoEvolved 18 stycznia 2013 o 22:14 
This game is interesting on its native platform, which is ios.
But its not the best swiping match game on there either.
I got it for like 99 cents and beat it after a week.
Mouse control for this game is probably a bad idea.
Graphics really do look that pixelly. That's a thing now.

Overall I cannot recommend it on PC at all, and on IOS its a maybe if you love the match 3 genre.
Sandepande 19 stycznia 2013 o 12:15 
For what it costs, it's perfectly good value for money. If you like 8-bit stuff, it's even better.
thejokeriswild 19 stycznia 2013 o 12:44 
Me, I think it's the perfect game to play while you're doing something else, like listening to a podcast or something, since the sounds and music aren't necessary to enjoy the gameplay and there's not much to read as well.
Twelvefield 19 stycznia 2013 o 13:09 
The developer seems pretty cool, that's reason enough.
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