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The Guy Jan 17, 2013 @ 5:11pm
Large idea that I think would be cool
Just something I had in my head.
-Make graphics more 16-bit then 8-bit, so there's at least a little more graphical appeal.
-Harder dungeons are dark, dimly lit by wall torches
-Animations for sword attack, shield attack, and staff/stave attack
-Visual appearance of tiles changes depending on your weapon upgrades, as well as the appearance in the attack animation and armor upgrades.
-Ability to enchant weapons, for example "Holy Dull Longsword" deals extra damage against skeleton types.
-Add a better/larger range and variation of enemies by adding prefix traits as well as specific variants that change certain stats, for example "Fiery Skeleton Archer" would shoot fire arrows and take less damage to fire.
-Steam Workshop with ability to create your own additions such as more upgrades for weapons/armor/etc

Of course, this is just my thinking and it might be a while before any of it is possible, but to me it'd still be cool.
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Twelvefield Jan 17, 2013 @ 11:31pm 
I don't disagree with any of this, although I am mostly happy with the game as it is. The only thing I would like to see is the tile you grab change colour a little or gain a border or something to indicate that it has been grabbed or ungrabbed. Something like the highlight you get when you bring the tiles close enough to match.
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