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DF Apr 11 @ 5:07pm
Own this game? Get the sequel for free.

So that might be a pretty decent deal, and there seems to be an old save bonus feature to boot.
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Ghosty the Madman May 5 @ 8:23pm 
I love 10,000,000, and this would be so cool. It's nice to play a game where the developer isn't in it for the money.
Nyoomcycles May 13 @ 12:51am 
This would be awesome, but alas, it might not happen. Hopefully we might be able to get a sale for if you had originally bought 10,000,000 before the new one comes out.
Alice May 14 @ 12:18pm 
This is really a sequel?
DF May 14 @ 12:42pm 
This game isn't the sequel if that's what you're asking. The (somewhat old now) link implied that if you had 10,000,000 already, you'd get its sequel when it was released, for free. Whether or not that'll remain true when said sequel is released though...well, we'll see I guess.
jxt09 May 17 @ 4:47pm 
Can't wait! I love 10,000,000 but it was too short. I still play it from time to time but I dont' get the same rush as I did when I was still unlocking things and trying to get the achievements.
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