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[CGC) pczelda2005 ♣™ Feb 12 @ 8:44pm
Great game, but almost impossible to beat
I don't know what to do, I've unlocked and upgraded everything to its max, as well as completed all the tasks and bought everything. Now no matter how much I try I can't beat this game. The score booster potions only make other aspects of the game harder, and I've even tried madly making as many matches as possible and hoping on chains. Nothing works. Any advice, or is this just impossible for me?
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Lookeron Forsker Feb 13 @ 1:41am 
All is possible, you just need to try and try.
InnocuousRemark Feb 13 @ 6:01am 
It definitely can be done. Match out stone, wood, and keys between enemies, save items, and use score boosters. You can do it! My top score is over 25 million, it can be done.
Azane Feb 13 @ 3:16pm 
I need to get lucky more than be skilled it seems, I just remember having to beat at least 1 dragon to unlock the 10 Million, and that was my major hurdle for a long time.
Zype76 Feb 13 @ 3:37pm 
Be sure to ration your items wisely, you also should use the right potions. I only use invulnerablity and holdfast potions because i feel the others aren't worth it.
baddog993 Feb 14 @ 3:40am 
I beat the game and got freedom. It can be done. However a lot of the drops depend on luck also I never used any potions at the end. Just keep at it.
[CGC) pczelda2005 ♣™ Feb 14 @ 9:12am 
Thanks, I finally got it! I think proper timing helped me a lot, such as when possible, shields/backpack/stone and wood need to be done only while he's walking, and then I concentrated on what I needed most when he's not (keys, fighting etc) and getting them as quickly as possible; I saved weapons for the boss fight but would generally eat food when I got it (unless I happened to be at the far right side of the screen, where food is a waste) and used extra keys on chests and doors. I only used the potions in the end that Zype suggested.
SiaFhir Feb 17 @ 3:21am 
I managed to grab the drinking problem achievement along with freedom. Totally surprised myself--I forgot I activated all the potions!
Kimhari_NO_PASS Mar 1 @ 8:06pm 
Don't Stop Believin'
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