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Air Feb 11 @ 2:32am
10000000 owners to receive sequel You Must Build a Boat free
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strojar Feb 11 @ 4:11am 
can't wait
Air Feb 11 @ 4:19am 
Originally posted by strojar:
can't wait
I bought 10,000,000 yesterday in the last minute of the -80% off sale.
I can't wait to play you must build a boat.
I hope that it's as good as 10,000,000.
strojar Feb 11 @ 4:39am 
also baught it on sale, and since it has a linux version it was a must have for me.
Air Jul 17 @ 4:33am 
Don't forget buyers that joined this wonderful sale (Indie Piñata Discount), you get the sequel for free.
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LiquidxAngel Jul 28 @ 5:45pm 
Got in the Humble Bundle and have been (impatiently) waiting for a sequel for AGES. I'm stoked!

And if they're giving it to "10000000" owners for free - I'd like to slide a few bucks to the devs as a paypal donation "thank you" for the great games. Very, very cool.
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