jikkyjack Aug 28, 2013 @ 10:09pm
no screen at all, no responce!
After 3 attempts to these clowns and explaining that my issue isnt the normal 1/2 screen issue..Im done. They kept telling me I would have to wait for a microsoft fix and the best thing I could do was to uninstall. Of course i did all the normal crap we all do, delete fixes, changed this mode changed that. I wouldnt support these idiots with 1 more dollar with the service i have received...Its really too bad because i really liked the game as a punk kid but now...all I can say is wow! Just for the post, as soon as I hit "play" at the steam prompt, I go immediately to bsod, My specs are right on the money and Ive uploaded my dx file and dumpfile but they still blame microsoft...wow again...oh well....good luck to you!