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Link Satonaka 2013年8月3日上午10:52
Ahh nostalgia
I used to own the physical copy of this game back in the 90's. Crashed 5 seconds into the game, about when trying to cross the bridge. I think there's a topic here for that! Glad to see the re-release has stayed true to the original.

Unfortunately I am unable to get my bridge crashing dose of nostalgia, because the game now fails to initialize properly, and when you kill the process some keys are still bound and will not work properly, forcing me to restart my computer. Setting compatability modes and running as admin don't fix it, and frankly I'm not going to waste any more time on this.

The bugginess of this game transcends time and space. If you happen to be reading this before having purchased, don't buy this game, chances are you'll never actually get to play it.

This topic should be pinned.
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-12th-Cpl. Wolfie [1-2] 2013年8月30日下午12:51 
I'm not having this problem. I admit, this port has some flaws, but it's still more than functional for me.
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