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Trefold 2013年7月21日下午6:32
Good old game, but not quite what I rememberd
Wasn't there a scene at the end where after you save her she jumps into your arms, turns into the warlock and you have to fight him? Also the move clues weren't so obvious correct?
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Mr. HillBilly 2013年7月21日下午7:12 
That is the 2nd one. Thuis version you kill the dragon and that is the end.
Trefold 2013年7月21日下午7:17 
ah, there were what? 3 all together?
Caballo 2013年7月22日上午5:34 
I think the arcade ones were Dragon's lair and Dragon's lair II: Timewarp. There is another thingie in PC called "Dragon's lair III: The curse of Mordread"
Sir Craigius 2013年7月22日上午11:33 
I wonder if we'll ever get the other two games on Steam :)
Trefold 2013年7月22日上午11:52 
I hope so, I use to pour HOURS into these games X-D
GameLord 2013年7月22日下午12:02 
I hope they patch the issues, corrects the timing, put the whole thing into 1080p - it's a video only, please! - make two sequel, and put it here :).
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NiteNite 2013年9月5日下午5:00 
i loved all of these type games their was one called cliffhamger and also a super don Quixote
chrismax2 2013年9月11日下午2:57 
The one your thinking of is Dragon's Lair 3, was a platform version (though they later made the same game a move at the right time/direction thing. The twist was after the dragon was dead (being a platform remake of this one) the game did not end, because it was not really Daphine.
Twitch - Mystery Mouse 2013年10月25日上午10:31 
SilentBoy741 2013年12月10日下午8:22 
引用自 NiteNite
i loved all of these type games their was one called cliffhamger and also a super don Quixote

I played one called Freedom Fighter, that I really loved. It was a laserdisc arcade game, but an anime. The twist was that in addition to the "quick-time" element, there were also segments where game sprites were overlaid onto the laserdisc picture to make hot-spot targets that you would have to shoot. I remember the jazzy blues intro with the singers repeating ♪Nine-nine-nine♫ (the number of the flying train - remember, it's anime, so of course that makes sense) and after my target practice "tutorial", the old man muttering "It's gonna be a short war..." Awesomeness.
RT 2013年12月22日上午4:29 
There's also Dragon's Lair 3D which is an action-adventure reimagining of the first game (with some elements from the second). It's actuall pretty good.
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