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Animus Furandi 2013年7月21日下午1:03
Half your screen black? Click Here!
A recent Windows update has caused this issue with several games, including this one. Fortunately, it's a pretty painless fix.

1) Control Panel
2) Programs and Features
3) Top left, View installed updates
4) Let them load, may take a minute
5) Under Microsoft Windows
6) Uninstall KB2803821 update

Hope this helps.
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Night Owl 2013年7月21日下午1:10 
Worked perfectly for me.
Uninstalled windows update KB2803821
did not even had to reboot
pulo82 2013年7月21日下午2:01 
Worked also for me! TY!
Nat 2013年7月21日下午2:04 
what were the other games affected?
coppershark 2013年7月21日下午3:06 
Worked - I love you Animus !
HoboSmasher 2013年7月21日下午3:09 
YES! worked perfectly, thank you so much
Zaxxon Wyzad 2013年7月21日下午3:14 
Fixed mine too. (Had the same on a Worms game "loading" screen which is now fixed). Thank you!
Torch Boy 2013年7月21日下午3:22 
is it wise to uninstall that?
[Pfeffer]draco 2013年7月21日下午5:39 
Worked like a charm. Thanks. I remember playing this back inwhen it first came out n the arcades!
Doctor Impossible 2013年7月21日下午7:01 
引用自 Animus Furandi
Hope this helps.

It did indeed. Was easy too. Thank you.
Kat {WfPk} 2013年7月21日下午7:25 
Thank you. <3
Anomander 2013年7月21日下午7:34 
Awesome! This worked for this game and several others.
fatninjamaster 2013年7月21日下午8:50 
It's worth noting that the update is a security update, not a windows update (those are two seperate categories, spent a good 3 minutes looking through windows updates before I scrolled back to security updates)
Hoss 2013年7月21日下午9:35 
You rock bro, thanks!
Beorn 2013年7月21日下午9:40 
worked great , thanks
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