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this game but not Braindead 13 !?!??!?!?
braindead 13 was also a laserdisc action game just like dragons lair but 50 times as good.
i really wish that would come to steam instead of dragons lair.
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DaVinMan 17.5.2013 kello 19.50 
We'll have to take your word for it. I think the vast majority of us have never even heard of that title, though I am curious now.
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Hazard 17.5.2013 kello 19.59 
Oh, i remember playing the demo of Braindead 13 when the game was first released. Never played the full game, though. It has been re-released for iOS devices a few years ago, apparently.
DaVinMan 17.5.2013 kello 20.13 
Hazard lähetti viestin:
... It has been re-released for iOS devices a few years ago, apparently.

Well, there you go Dr. Turbo. Grab a copy here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/braindead-13/id394579362?mt=8

Hmm... I might do that myself.
Lizard 17.5.2013 kello 20.29 
yeah right, like ill get a apple product just to play that game on a tiny stupid touch screen.
id rather get a dos emulator and find a old cdrom of it.
Yeah I thought I had heard of every game made however this a new one on me.
DaVinMan 17.5.2013 kello 21.04 
You're an ungrateful lizard indeed. Go back to your rock.
Gargamel 17.5.2013 kello 23.05 
Brain Dead 13 was on 3DO, Bib Box PS1 and I hink Sega Saturn. I hear the 3do version was the best.
Braindead 13 was one of the last fully animated games of this type, but it was never released in the arcades... it went directly to the SonyPlaystation/SegaSaturn consoles, and unfortunately it released near the same time as those consoles were being taken off the shelves for the next gen of platforms, so it did not sell anywhere nearly as well as it should have. Its a real shame, since the animations are quite well done throughout most of the game sequences.

The game itself is one of the most difficult games of the genre as many of the directional button and action button presses are neither intuitive or telegraphed with on-screen audio or visual cues, but to make up for the ramped up difficulty there are infinite continues... and you will need them... Lance dies a LOT.

Clips of the game (and the many death sequences) are available on YouTube.
Lizard 18.5.2013 kello 0.10 
yeah i had braindead 13 on pc, and 3do at one point as well, it was so long ago cant remember which was better, but im telling you, it blew all the other games of this style away. braindead 13 was so good
Uplink 18.5.2013 kello 5.28 
what about road blaster !
Lizard 18.5.2013 kello 10.47 
we are talking about laserdisc games :-p grab a emulator for that one
Gabu 26.12.2013 kello 17.44 
I finished Brain Dead 13 on 3DO. That game was awesome!
DrTurboLizard lähetti viestin:
we are talking about laserdisc games :-p grab a emulator for that one
Road Blaster IS a laserdisc game :DDDD
Lizard 24.1.2014 kello 11.38 
Must confused it with different game.
DrTurboLizard lähetti viestin:
Must confused it with different game.
You were talking about an emulator.. what console?
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