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Smurgendorf 2013年5月17日上午11:59
controller support?
I'd really love to play this with an arcade stick! Any hope for a gamepad patch?
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digitalleisure  [开发者] 2013年5月17日下午12:20 
Sure, we can definitely add that in a future update.
Smurgendorf 2013年5月17日下午1:58 
awesome! Can't wait!
Tigershark1968 2013年5月17日下午2:28 
Right on! Controller support would be great. I played this in the 80's when I was a kid. I can't wait to play it again. I'm buying it right now. Space Ace next please!
Cloud9 2013年5月17日下午8:28 
The only reason I don't buy this is because I'm unsure of the controls. I would definitely purchase the game if it had controller support. D-pad or stick options preferably. (huge fan of the arcade release in the 80's)
SoundForSound 2013年5月17日下午8:56 
Ditto. Add 360 controller support and I'll purchase.
zOmBiE dIaRrHeA 2013年5月17日下午9:04 
D-pad/360 controller support is a must! I'm buying it anyway, but would love to see joypad support for this game. I second the Space Ace request! (with controller support)
whodamanxbox 2013年5月17日下午9:49 
try using xpadder
em_t_hed 2013年5月17日下午10:21 
引用自 digitalleisure
Sure, we can definitely add that in a future update.

Please add gamepad support. I've seen people playing this on xbox360.
DaverJ 2013年5月17日下午10:51 
also waiting for gamepad (x360) support.
Proton 2013年5月18日上午11:50 
I play a lot via Steam Big Picture on my TV downstairs with a wireless 360 controller. I'd absolutely be interested in adding this to my collection if it were updated with full controller support!
最后由 Proton 编辑于; 2013年5月18日上午11:50
[GZ] Neomatt 2013年5月18日下午3:25 
I'd get my TE stick to play it.
I3ademeister 2013年5月18日下午4:38 
引用自 digitalleisure
Sure, we can definitely add that in a future update.

nice to read this... i just played it and it was fun but first i thought
WTF no controller support ???
I want to play it with friends at my next party... but for this its big picture (cotnroller support) support needed to play this on my tv

xpadder is a nice tool but i think for a hd remake controller support is a must have these days
最后由 I3ademeister 编辑于; 2013年5月18日下午4:40
Rockovissi 2013年5月18日下午5:40 
Hear hear, for the 360 controller support!
LODE 2013年5月19日下午4:52 
Yeah , really happy to see the game and all ... but if ever a game screamed controller support, this is the one. Can't wait to buy this when support is added !! thanks
Halvus 2013年5月19日下午4:59 
Dont forget about Arcade controls too.
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