PapaFrancis* Dec 28, 2012 @ 4:51pm
Will password protection ever be made available?
I am interested in purchasing this software, but I have concerns about the privacy of my information (both locally and via remote/web threats.)

I am posting this thread in the hopes that I can get a response from one of the program developers. I'd like to know whether there is any hope of a password protected login / encryption option for this program.

I have already checked on the web regarding this issue and I realize that I can use a password on my windows login (I do already) and/or encryption from a seperate application, but I would prefer that the program I might pay 45$ would provide those services by default. I'm not looking to start any sort of argument, simply seeking a response from a developer. Thanks very kindly, God bless.
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RodeoClown  [developer] Dec 28, 2012 @ 5:53pm 
It is something we are discussing.
It's not due for implementation in the immediate future however, as we have a very small development team, and every feature we implement prevents us working on another. Fixing the Steam import bug is our number one priority at the moment (it doesn't work for everyone, probably a file permissions issue), followed by improving how we deal with credit card handling.

After that, it might come up in the development queue, but I can't promise it at this stage.

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