You Need A Budget 4 (YNAB)

You Need A Budget 4 (YNAB)

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glebhappy Nov 2, 2013 @ 2:07pm
Please add a time to transaction, not date only (+2 more questions)
At first I want to say that YNAB enforces me to clearly and precisely write all my incomes and expenses like no other services for home money did.
But there's no perfection in this world :) And in process of using YNAB I offer to discuss three potentially useful features that dear devs will think about I hope :)
1. Please let me set not only date of every transaction but a time also. Within one date YNAB orders transactions alphabetically but I want to order them like they stays in bank report to check it quicker. I think it's not needed to implement drag&drop ordering but fine tuning of tran's list with date&time will be very usable not for me only.
2. It's very convinient to handle expenses in YNAB. I can plan ones for every string of my budget and track them in fact. But why can't I do something like this for my income? I mean that it'll be good not only to write incomes that already came to my account but to make a plan on incomes for every month. Now I have a workaround to avoid this inconvinience - I add a expense entries with negative sums - but I think that isn't the most beautiful solution.
3. According to my previous thoughts. Is a 2-level hierarchy (groups of expenses and expenses) enough for all the YNAB users? For some expense I'll prefer a possibility to 3-level structures. As example - I have a group "Constant expenses" and sub-expenses below it. One of them is "Cellphone". BUT: I have 2 cellphone numbers belonging to different operators and 3rd number that's my mom used. Now I thacking all these expenses like a heap - but it'll be more convienient for me split "Cellphone" string to 3 sub-sub-expense - and see expenses on every number and in common.

Discuss? :)
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HannesH Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
I don't really get what you want to say with your 2nd and 3rd point - as far as I understand it I think that you're already able to define regular income (just add it to the register of the account you get it in and then you can simply add this predefined expense whenever it occurs) for this, it would be awesome to be able to LOCK a predefined income/expense in the register, so that you can add it and it stays there so that you can add it again the next day or whenever it occurs next (at the moment you can define it at "once a year" and manually adjust the date every time you use this) - if that's what you're speaking about I think that this would be cool.

For 1: I really would like this - I'm pretty pedantic when it comes to so things (like my finances) and I really would like YNAB to COMPLETELY match my bank statement - this feature would be really nice for this purpose!

I also agree with your first sentences - YNAB is already pretty great as it is, but there is always room for improvement ;)
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