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Wolfe Feb 26, 2013 @ 11:38am
What's your company name, location and business strategy?
My company name is Northstar Haulage, based out of London, my home town for real.

I only have 3 garages so far, 2 with 5 capacity one with 3, my strategy is to have my main garages in each capital city before spreading out to the second city, etc, until total domination or until I get bored.

So I have the UK home nations covered with garages in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, next will be Amsterdam then probably Bern.

My fleet is all entry level Volvo except for my tricked out custom Volvo and one Scania 420hp that I gave to a random driver.

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Me Me has had 105 drivers on several locations (25 garages), then i started over with the TSM 2.0 Map mod from scratch wih actually 5 drivers lcated at Groningen/Netherlands. I will buy another garage in central germany like Duisburg, Hannover or Magdeburg to place some drivers there, able to deliver and find back with not much experience. All my drivers have most upgraded trucks (as possible).

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are great for GB/Europe mainland traffic, yes, but now, located at Groningen, which is also a nice city, you may have more NL to DE traffic (Hamburg, Bremen, etc), which makes it easier for the hired drivers o find jobs or short back deliveries as well.

Best regards,
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Spindoc Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:36pm 
I've restarted a number of times, as I've added new maps, but I always call my company "Mother Truckers".
My name is always MESSERCHMITT B.V. or MARITIMA
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Massive Twot Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:18pm 
Busines Stragety? What I do is put a Base somewhere in North of the UK, preferably Newcastle because it is close to a port and one in Berlin so the drivers can find cargo on their way back :)
wafflemoose Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:29pm 
My company is called Starhawk Shipping, and I base my operations in Germany. So far it's just me in my Volvo truck. My business strategy is picking up another job in the same town after I drop off my cargo. I try to avoid Great Britian because the traffic laws there are really strict, speed cameras everywhere.
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84th | Kamishirov Feb 26, 2013 @ 4:20pm 
Brown Lemming Trucks operating out of Luxembourg. I currently have 4 garages maxed out (Luxembourg, Liverpool, Frankfurt and Wien) and 19 trucks (All Volvos) My personal trucks obviously been upgraded with the best kit but ive standardised the rest of the fleet so that they all have the same gear, look and cost. ($120880 a rig)

Ive tried to employ only female drivers as a kind of company characteristic with me as the "Big Daddy" but after the 17th I have to start employing men, Reece looks kinda effeminate so ive employed him. (I need MOAR women)

My business strategy is to open everyones skills so that they can do any sort of delivery and then concentrate on maxing the long range delivery skill. I only boost the eco driving to 1 so that at least theres some benefit but ecomomy of fuel isn't a high priority for me. (No point in having economy if they cant drive anywhere)

Trying to avoid Switzerland and Scotland like the plague because their roads/drivers are a nightmare but Scotland does have some juicy "chemical" jobs.
Mystere Feb 26, 2013 @ 4:23pm 
"Mystere Osways" (see what I did there?) I got a garage in Birmingham - seems central uk, 5 drivers from that 1 and a garage in....... erm starts with a v and is botom of europe, i got this cos i could afford it but only 3 drivers there. i dunno if to upgrade 2nd garage or get a new one......
Heavy Haul is the company. My base is in Lille and my business strategy is to be close enough to the channel so I don't have to drive far to get to Calais.
Lolozaur Mar 2, 2013 @ 5:03am 
dont really care about strategies, just like to drive :)
Artemis Mar 2, 2013 @ 5:54am 
Originally posted by Matreo:
somewhere in North of the UK, preferably Newcastle
I really hope you're joking or that the game doesn't actually have Scotland as somewhere you can go.
about:blank Mar 2, 2013 @ 6:01am 
I started in Frankfurt, Germany because it is kind of central on the map (but was not a very good choice because of the jobs you get there). My strategy is to focus mainly on long ADR transports (train my drivers in long distance and ADR, adding 2 Just-in-time later) because they make the most profit. Because of this strategy, I added garages in London, Calais and Bratislava because you get good paid ADR jobs there. My next garage will be located in Grimsby I'd say. Just take a look on the job offers and see, where you get well paid jobs.
Smasher77th Mar 2, 2013 @ 8:36pm 
My company name is Dibarkis Global Inc. I have 2 profiles, one is the regular map, and on that one, My HQ is Innsbruck. I loved Innsbruck because of airport (I'm a flight simmer and that airport is a challenging airport to land on), so I toyed with the idea of setting my HQ there, but before I could make up my mind, I clicked it by mistake, and couldn't change it. Here are a list of the garages:

Regular Map []

I have 11 garages, the first 2 (Innsbruck and Berlin) are 5-truck, while the rest are 3-truck garages, making 37 trucks and 37 drivers. The lowest of the drivers is rating 6.7, I believe. My trucks range are mostly Volvo, except a few MAN, Majestic and DAF. Just one Scania (the first I ever bought), I transferred it to my first driver, Ruth. I believe I have 5 Renault Magnums, and because they're cheap, they were all tricked out to max when they were bought. All others are almost all tricked out, depending on driver's performance (make good money, and I make your truck pretty) but I purchased them all with the best engines and gearboxes. I didn't really have a strategy at the beginning, but as time went on, and I discovered where the better paying jobs came from, I opened a garage in Aberdeen and another in Bratislava.

The 2nd profile is for the TS Map 2.0. I'm so loving it! Here are the garages:

TSMap 2.0 []

in this one, same company name, I have at the moment 9 garages, all 5-truck, and I have 45 drivers so far and 45 trucks about 17 of them are Volvos with tuned engines (I think they're 863hp or so, some 805hp). about 10 Mercedes Benz Actros MPIV, 10 MAN, 3 Scania (I think they're the most expensive, so my plan is to buy more of them when I hit 20m, aside from the 10m capital I started with (superreich mod). Every truck is tuned up until 250,000. The remainder comes when the driver performs.except the Renaults which cost less even after tricking out to max, every truck is a 6x4. In the 2.0 map, I have my HQ in Amsterdam. I love it there. The other garages are in the screenshot. I've travelled to north africa, and I'm loving it. the roads are straighter (is there any such word?) than in europe but be careful dragging the oversized KVN Kran from Algier to Tripoli You get jobs for up to 160,000 euro a trip, and fuel is 0.07 euro to 0.50 euro. My business strategy is to get branches at the places where there are better paying jobs, and I intend, later, to have a free truck in several garages so I can jump into one without interrupting the drivers or exchanging.
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Deimenried Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:32am 
Fumblin' Bill of the haulage company "It'll get there! (probably)". Based out of Sheffield (since it's the city closest to me IRL) and our business strategy is to transport cataclysmically dangerous substances and materials long distances without killing too many people in the process.

Only one garage at the mo (I keep blowing all my money on upgrades x.x, and I royally screwed up my loans at the start and ended up spending over the odds on repayments which has now been rectified) but it is fully upgraded and has some (reasonably) competent drivers who specialise in forking over large amounts of cash for not breaking fragile cargo.
Massive Twot Mar 3, 2013 @ 5:26am 
Originally posted by Artemis:
Originally posted by Matreo:
somewhere in North of the UK, preferably Newcastle
I really hope you're joking or that the game doesn't actually have Scotland as somewhere you can go.
Ofcourse it has Scotland, but no ferries are sent out of there
Ice Station Zebra and Associates, based out of Amsterdam (even though I'm almost never there). I got $100,00 loan as soon as it was available. Bought a Volvo for its power/price, and paid it off before the 2nd payment was due. Saved up $200.000 and took loans for another $250,000 to buy a garage in Berlin and 3 trucks (and drivers). The garage started paying for itself after the 2nd day.

Repeated the same process of 200/250 for the next 4 garages. I now have large garages in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milano, Salzburg, Berlin, and Manchester.
Small garages in Paris, Birmingham, Brno, and Plymouth for a grand total of 37 drivers. (Amsterdam is only used to store my personal trucks)

I train my drivers in Long Distance first, then JiT, then mix up Skills depending on what kinds of local shippers there are. High value is the most common, but ADR is proving to be pretty useful. I only wish you could choose which ADR for your driver like you can for yourself. Rather than it just building up left-to-right.

I bought stripped down Volvos for all of my drivers. I later kicked myself for not buying the stripped down Iveco. I could've saved $5,090/driver if I'd gone with the absolutely cheapest truck.

I upgraded to large garages in the cities with 5 shippers first. And I'm currently working on expanding to large garages in all cities with 4 shipping companies.
My favorite truck is the Mercedes Actros. (mod of course) Followed by the Volvo and Scania. All of my personal trucks are 6x4s. The reason the Mercedes (Majestic) is my favorite is because of how it handles. It has the longest frame in the 6x4 chassis. It's also the only truck you can run side skirts in the 6x4. I have noticed that the Mercedes and MAN have identical sounds.

I've seen other topics about whether or not to use the Bank. I'm strongly in favor of getting loans to start out. You make so much more money with your own truck, and rank up faster that it's hard to apply my real life opion about credit to a game.

I think it's worth mentioning: in this particular profile I've turned off fatigue and fines and have added the 120km speed mod.
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