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Daniel Feb 5, 2013 @ 2:44am
Some question...
My first question are about building, i have make neer 25% of all the road but i am not able to view or i have missed it, the beautiful monument of Europe, like the Effel tower,

my garage are in Paris and i have looking in all the place but don't be able to find it or the Arc of Triomphe, but they are peharp not in game or peharp the country have selling it Ha Ha ha!,

Second question..., in which level i am able to unlock the women they can travel with me in the seat of co-driver, and be able to have a discussion with me in driving ???,

Ha Ha ha!, stop searching the woman, it's don't exist, but i am sure i have taking the interest of more people wanted to know the andswer, but i must admit it's can be fun having a co-driver Ha ha Ha...

next question, more seriously, what is the better..., i am level 12 and i past my time on the road to find money, and put it on my truck, but in this time my garage make nothing,

what is the best, making a big loan of 500 000 euro and buying truck, upgrade garage and taking driver, or continued to trying to find money, i don't know if having the garage can help to pay all, a loan of 500 000 euro cost most than 6000 by day,

what is the minimum to make a garage to be able to be rentable in money?, one driver whit a minimum truck and a garage to the second level?, can i upgrade her truck after?

last question, it is possible to have more than one truck, in my other truck simulator i can have hundred truck and make like a showroom and choose the one i want,

in the ES2, can i have more than one truck for myself, and putting other somewhere like a parking to not loaded my garage or can i have more truck in my garage for myself whit the five truck of the driver?
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1. Teach your employees the skills, the more the better.
First ADR, then long range, then the other skills (i did so).
2. Yes you can have more than 1 truck, so you can jump into each truck you own in your garages as well as fast travelling to that garage where it is placed.
Each truck you own in your garages is available to driver for you, as long it is not travelling on the road with a load (then you have to wait until the tour is finished).
3. Yes, you can upgrade the trucks for the employees any time,
but with your own rig, you gotta go to a garage,
the others are customizable via the menu.


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