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Daniel 2013年2月4日 0時09分
How can i be able...
to put a picture of my computer in a place like this, i have wanted to put a picture of my truck here in a discussion, but i don't know how and i don't view anything to make it, i can not put the link because they have no link, it's a picture on my computer, so, i am lost...
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Ginnungagap 2013年2月4日 0時33分 
take screenshoot i steam, copy Url and insert in forum
wobbler 2013年2月4日 1時42分 
Like this:

I think?

Use steam to take the screenshot, not the camera icon ingame. Press F12 to take the screenshot you want. Then go to your screenshot library in steam, choose the one you want, right-click and select copy URL. Then come here and past the URL by right-clicking and select paste.
If my screenshot above is showing, then this works. But it's the first time I have done it, so I am not sure if it's going to work or not, but it should
Daniel 2013年2月4日 3時37分 
ok, thank, i will ty it, but not today, i need some sleep, i have just finished a long run in the game..., a ride of 51 hours (in game),

and yes your picture work well, your truck look like a racing truck Ha Ha Ha!, you must be neer level 15...
wobbler 2013年2月4日 9時10分 
I am level 21 now I think. Took me ages to get that truck looking like that.
It was one of the cheapest trucks in the game, The second truck I bought, less than 100,000Euro, but if I look to trade it now I will get back at least 15,000 for even the most expensive truck. But I don't want to trade, I really love my truck now
Daniel 2013年2月4日 22時01分 
Level 21, wow!, do you have unlock all the thing for the truck?,

I view too the dealer don't give too much money for our truck when we want to sell it, i have buying my truck 120000 euro and they give me only 95000 euro whit all the modification i have made, i think they give the half of the truck and i think more the truck are used in milage less they give but i am not sure,

I view too if i remember well in the manual or other place they say we can go to level 150, it's a big an funny charlenge, me i am only level 10,

for the truck and i am not sure again, i think it's give nothing to change the truck, the thing we unlock give us the same thing of the other truck, time to time i try to go view a new dealer, trying to find if they have a special or unique truck somewhere in the game but not find one for now...
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