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Daniel Feb 3, 2013 @ 11:58pm
Stupid AI driver in her car...,
What is passing whit the AI, they don't give you a chance, they don't view you exist, in city some view you and flash her light to say you can pass, but more of the time, they act like if you are not here, they pass neer or they bump you each time, you go out of a parking, thinking you have time (but the truck don't start fast, the stupid driver come and never stop passing neer of you or bumping you, and it's always you they need to pay all...,

on the road they act again like if you are not here, the blanker, blinker, flasher or wathever give nothing, you flash to go on the right or left road when you are in the center or any other, and the AI come and make like if you don't exist, (like neer a road they split in two) making you obligate to break fast bumpinp the other in the front of you or bumping this stupid driver, and whit the force feedback, finishing in the wall in the center of the road or with the tree,

the only way i have found to obligate it to let's you pass, it's to go very neer of her or bumping her and sending her to the wall or to the flowers, but again, it's you they pay for this, ummm, it's peharp this they want and using me to have a new car Ha Ha ha...

I know in the older truck simulation of this compagny they have not this problem, i don't know why six year more far this problem happend, when it's going well before, or it's peharp like this the europeen drive Ha Ha Ha!

anyway, i hope they will correct this situation before i need to buy a new car to all the europeen in this game Ha ha ha...
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nirwana Feb 4, 2013 @ 3:45am 
A work around is to save the game, reload and act quickly before the traffic jam reoccures. It is like this since 18WoS came out.
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Daniel Feb 4, 2013 @ 3:54am 
Ah! yes, this trick work with all the simulator of this compagny, but it's not funny to reload neer each time you are with other car, but it's one of the solution..., and for the traffic jaming i have view the system work well, it's finish always by unjammed, but they never view my flasher, they make me talking only Ha Ha ha!
Don720 Feb 9, 2015 @ 9:45am 
I just had this happen to me today, missed all times before. I just got the KW T660 and was tooling down the hwy at speed. Two lanes and another for the exit, stupid driver in front of me hits the brakes to catch the exit and instead winds up 10 feet in the air for his stupidity. Up till that point my record was perfect. But sadly, I know this kind of ignorance has to happen just as much in Europe as it does here in the states. Also includling when the idiots will come over into your lane right in front of you and then catch the exit, because they don't think you're going fast enough.
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