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Exactly how many cities are in this game?
I heard that you're only allowed 115 employees in this game, so I want to have a nice distribution of garages and employees in the different countries; seeing as how I can't have 5 employees in every city in Europe.
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Xivios Feb 3, 2013 @ 9:26pm 
Wikipedia says 64, but I haven't verified it yet. More are coming in DLC, if you want to shell out some more coin in the future.
Daniel Feb 3, 2013 @ 11:18pm 
On the site of the game they say they have 60 city, but more are coming, but again it's like all the other game, you begin by buying the game (for 40$ dollard in my region), and they talk to make peharp neer 10 other small place or more for peharp neer 20$ each for the thing i have read, so it's will make a game they cost more hundred dollard in the final...,

but anyway, it's not the most high i have view, i have view a game for having all it's cost neer 5000$ dollard Ha Ha ha, completly crazy,

the next extention will be in the est side, the Pologna i think but not sure,

for the employe, i don't know the maximum you can have, but try to think when you place your employees, it's give nothing to put the maximum when two small city are together and if they have no big job, and it's give nothing to buy a garage and put it five employees in a city they have only one compagny they have only small mission,

anyway, i think before you have the money to buy all the garage, the Euro truck simulator 3 will be going out Ha ha ha!
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