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What is your xbox controller set up like?
So the game does work with a controller. I'm just curious on what is everyone's set up like? The previous set up I had was really bad. Let me know what you've done!
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tomcantwell32 Feb 3, 2013 @ 7:57am 
Triggers = Accelerate and Braking
RB and LB = Shift Up and Down
Left Stick = Steering
Right Stick = Look Around
A = Zoom in and out of Sat Nav
B = Right Indicator
X = Left Indicator
Y = Start Engine
Start = Enter
D-Pad Up = Wipers
D-Pad Right = Headlights
D-Pad Down = Route Information
D-Pad Left - Full Beam
L3 - Horn
R3 - World Map

This set up works best for me after much trial and error between the different layouts and what I use in other XBOX games :)
tomcantwell32 Feb 3, 2013 @ 7:58am 
And Back = Damage Report
Pretty Tasty Feb 3, 2013 @ 8:33am 
triggers: accelerating , braking
RB and LB: blinkers
Left Stick: Steering
Right stick: Look around
A: Accept Stuff
B: Horn
X: HighBeams
Y: Wipers
D Pad up: Map
D Pad down: Attatch Trailer
Left d pad: Shift down
Right d pad: Shift up
Left stick down: Nothing
Right stick down: Center Camera
Start: Pause
Select: Cruise controll
It kind of sucks but it works for automatic. You could get rid of some useless things if you wanted to.
Thank you so much for this. Now I can just chill in my bed and play. I love this game. How is this game so good?!
Xivios Feb 3, 2013 @ 9:13pm 
I use the controller for the truck itself, and play with Sequential transmission, so I've set the control to favor that. Most of the GPS and menu stuff is still on the keyboard.

triggers: brake/accelerator
left stick: steering
left stick click: horn
right stick: look around
right stick click: inside view (also centers camera)
start: cruise control
select: camera cycle
D-pad down: lights cycle
D-pad up: highbeams
D-pad right: cycle truck info screen (the screen in the middle of the instrument cluster)
D-pad left: hazards
Y button: wipers
A button: jake brake
X button: downshift
B button: upshift

I've noticed neither of the other control scheme posted yet has an jake brake on it, and I really don't get that, because it does help quite a bit during panic stops. Makes a neat sound too.
RossaF1 Feb 4, 2013 @ 4:03am 
As it stands I have it like this:

triggers: brake/throttle
bumpers: left/right indicators
left stick: steering
left click: horn
right stick: look around
right click: wipers
start: activate
back: engine start
A button: upshift
X button: downshift
B button: trailer attach/detach
Y button: cruise control
D-pad up: highbeams
D-pad down: light cycle
D-pad left: route advisor info page
D-pad right: route advisor navigation page

Maybe could do with some tweaking, but mostly everything I want is there; everything else is default on the keyboard. :)
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Swasko Feb 13, 2013 @ 11:10am 
Question: I cannot assign the triggers to any functionality like brake & throttle. Only the 2 sticks or the D-pad is registered when trying to assign something (got a rumblepad 2, just installed the drivers). Am i overlooking something? Any suggestions appreciated!
Break Feb 13, 2013 @ 11:17am 
LT - Brake & Engine Brake
RT - Accelerate
LB - Left Indicator
RB - Right Indicator
Left Stick - Steering
Press LS - Horn
Right Stick - Camera
Press RS - High Beams
D-Up - Beacons
D-Left - Wipers
D-Right - Toggle Highbeams
D-Down - Cruise Control
Back - Lower Retarder Level
Start - Higher Retarder Level
A - Start Engine
X - Toggle Lights
Y - Hazards
B - Switch Onboard Computer
Swasko Feb 13, 2013 @ 11:22am 
Ok, figured that out (i assigned the buttons through the 'keyboard' screen as secondaries).
Next issue though: hoz do you set up fluid steering. I can not tilt a little and contiously keep the steer in that angle, he jerks always back to the central position.
Bedmonster Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:12pm 
After reading through this, I realized I didn't need some of the things I was using, remapped to this.

Triggers - Brake/Gas
LB - Shift Down
RB - Shift up
Left Stick - Steering
Press LS - Hazard Lights
Right Stick - Camera
Press RS - Detach Trailer
D-Up - Wipers
D-Left - Left Blinker
D-Right - Right Blinker
D-Down - View Interior (have this here instead of on look stick, because D down is prone to pressing at the same time as L/R Blinkers. Might detach trailer at an intersection or something.)
Back - Job Info
Start - Navigation
A - Highbeams
X - Light Toggle
Y - Cruse
B - Engine Brake
-=( Uxot )=- Feb 14, 2013 @ 1:31am 
i guess im the only one not using triggers as gas/brake :D

triggers: RT = shift up,LT = down
left stick: steering
left stick click: horn
right stick: up = gas down = brake
right stick click: beacon
start: engine start
select: cruise control
D-pad down: wipers
D-pad up: 4-way
D-pad right: camera turn right
D-pad left: camera turn left
Y button: attach/detach trailer
A button: "use"
X button: motor-brake
B button: headlights
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Gardhul Feb 14, 2013 @ 7:59am 
Hi, I actually use X-Padder, which is highly configurable and also allows to store two different presets. I dynamically switch between them holding down "SELECT" button (and pressing the wanted button along with it ). This gives me access to almost all the commands:

- Preset A:

Triggers: accelerate/brakes
RB/LB: gear up/down
Left stick: steering (up/down do nothing)
Left stick click: screenshot (F12)
Right stick: each direction is bound to a navigator view (damages/map/...)
Right stick click: horn

D-Pad lef/right: blinkers
D-Pad down: map
D-Pad up: cockpit view

A: switch mirrors left/right
B: cruise control
X: motor brakes
Y: highbeams (flash)


SELECT (held down): switch to preset B

- Preset B:

Triggers: accelerate/brakes (as preset A)
RB: cycles through lights off, lights on, normal beam
LB: view outside left (near left mirror)
Left stick: steeering (as preset A)
Left stick click: engine on/off
Right stick: move camera when in external view
Right stick click: ENTER key

D-Pad down: cycle through external views
D-Pad up/left/right: none

A: wipers
B: flashing lights
X: hazard lights
Y: highbeams (fixed on/off)


The only commands I left out are actually the hand-brake and trailer attach/detach, used both so seldom that there's no need to waste buttons for them

A quick note: I look around in cockpit view using FaceTrackNoIR tracking software and a PS3 cam. I higly recommend this solution which is really cheap and works extremely well. Any cam with at least 30fps 640x480 is recommended.
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I am trying to get the left and right triggers bind with me Xbox controller but for some reason the game doesn't register those 2 buttons. The bumpers work but not the triggers.
Gardhul Mar 21, 2013 @ 4:38pm 
Did you bind the triggers in "controller" menu? They are seen as analogic axis, not buttons
Originally posted by Gardhul:
Did you bind the triggers in "controller" menu? They are seen as analogic axis, not buttons
i am trying to bind them in the Keyboard menu. Were do I go to bind them right? I read that you have to use the keyboard menu right?
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