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ultimate_waffle 2013年1月28日 20時25分
What is your favorite truck and why?
I've always used a Scania, because I heard it was the "best". That's subjective, though. So I want to hear your opinions.
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City Builder 2013年1月28日 20時32分 
Volvo works for me the best. I've always thought that they all are pretty much the same other than some start with a higher HP motor than others but once you buy the accessories and what not they all seem the same to me, other than (and it may be in my mind) but it feels like the Valiant / Volvo "handles" better when I'm driving it, just seems smoother and what not. But hey, it may be just in my own mind since I'm a die hard Volvo automobile fan, or I was until it was acquired by Ford Motor cars.
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BreakLux (Putin) 2013年1月28日 20時40分 
MAN because it makes me feel MANly... lolololololololol
No seriously, it doesn't matter which truck you choose as long as you max it out (well except for Renault).
Hello Stonehenge! 2013年1月28日 21時18分 
Putin の投稿を引用:
(well except for Renault).

Yeah, I was feeling stupid after I'd started out as "favouring Renault" (don't know anything about trucks)... I was thinking "damn, I'm not sure I like this game," but after I'd read a bit on the forums I switched to the Volvo starting truck and promptly went "oh, that's better."
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ultimate_waffle 2013年1月28日 21時23分 
I haven't driven a Renault truck. What is so awful about it?
Hello Stonehenge! 2013年1月28日 21時52分 
Driving the Renault starting truck felt like driving a comatose hippopotamus. Went to the Volvo and it STILL felt like driving a hippo, but one during mating season. :)
Sharkman8282 2013年1月28日 22時21分 
i started with the scania and loved it for alittle bit then i went with the peterbilt that i just love to drive.
bastins 2013年1月28日 22時46分 
To be honest, after spending a while as a trucker for hire, all the trucks felt exactly the same to me. So my "favorite" is based almost entirely on the interior, in which case, I've found Scania's dash to be the easiest to monitor for hours on end.
awatkins985 2013年1月29日 3時27分 
I tried all trucks before I bought my own, I just settled for the Scania as I like the look of the interior plus the dashboard looked the easiest to read.
[Messerchmitt] Meerkat 2013年1月29日 7時02分 
I love the Majestic and the DAF :) Both fit me well
XxMK89xX 2013年1月29日 7時25分 
I chose the MAN, since that's what I already have as a 1:14-scale RC-truck from Tamiya.. :)
Volvo has prooven to be the strongest in real life - according to witness descriptions, I don't drive trucks myself - so that's a good No. 2!
&rom 2013年1月29日 8時18分 
There is nothing better than DAF XF105.510 for me so far - I'm absolutely addicted to this one atm. If you could manage to find some quite good mods then it's up to your own preferences to interior, external look, and of course engine sound. Frankly, most likely I would be ready to get even some quality payware mods if those will appear in the future - Train Simulator Add-ons is a good example of growing market.
Pchuman 2013年1月29日 12時17分 
I enjoy the VOLVO mostly because the dashboard has the biggest numbers and it just looks nice!
tony67williamson 2013年1月29日 14時41分 
I honeslty haven't seen that much difference between the trucks. Driving Scania only because there seem to be the most mods / skins for it.
-=( Uxot )=- 2013年1月29日 15時24分 
VOLVO cuz i played too much scania in STDS and well theres Volvo's in US so yeah also love the sound of it and dashboard..and exterior...and...etc lol
Wolfe 2013年1月29日 15時34分 
There definitely is a difference in truck quality in this game, at least with the ones that you can buy at lower levels.

The most basic Valiant has 600hp for 100,000 euros, whereas the same basic Scania also for 100,000 euros only has 400hp or so.

The difference is significant, the Scania will have trouble hauling loads up steep quarries, even to the point of stopping dead at too steep a gradient and will have very slow acceleration uphill in general.

The Valiant will be a lot faster going uphill and will easily take on any steepness with ease.

I started in London so luckily bought a Valiant first of all, it was only after buying the equivalent Scania that I realised what a difference the HP stat makes. To that end, the entry level Valiant is amazing value and IMO the best of all the entry level trucks.

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