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AnTi[SK]iller 2013年1月23日 13時38分
Question - Controls
Mouse and keyboard OR mouse ? :)
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Lolozaur 2013年1月23日 14時08分 
i play with the keyboard and look around with the webcamera
Mashuu 2013年1月23日 14時47分 
Look around with a webcamera? :o
Sloppy Joe 2013年1月23日 14時50分 
I use g25 wheel
&rom 2013年1月23日 15時03分 
your first choise seems to be right unless you got some expensive 25-keys gaming mouse but what would you do with your 2nd hand then? No, please ignore the question :D
Lolozaur 2013年1月23日 15時51分 
Mashuu の投稿を引用:
Look around with a webcamera? :o
bastins 2013年1月23日 18時04分 
Steering wheel ;)

I honestly can't imagine playing this game with a keyboard and mouse.
NoLimitDad 2013年1月23日 21時35分 
Steering wheel would be nice, but I use the Keyboard/Mouse and once you get used to the setup it works great. Just turn down your in-game sensitivity if you are having issues with keeping it on the road. I also use my wheel on my mouse to change gears manually and that works great.
Chika Ogiue 2013年1月23日 23時50分 
Steering wheel. Gave up with the webcam as it simply doesn't work for right hand drive (can't get enough movement in the right hand direction). May just get a TrackIR instead.
Spazco 2013年1月24日 0時04分 
xbox 360 controller works quite well, with keyboard.
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Klimowicz 2013年1月24日 1時28分 
Spazco の投稿を引用:
xbox 360 controller works quite well, with keyboard.
Agreed. Pretty easy to map so that I don't need the keyboard too.
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