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Miteshu 2013年4月3日 15時25分
Backups from test version removes licence
I just bought this from steam. After installing it - but not in the same directory as the test version - it removed all settings except the wallpapers. So i tried to use a backup (it even made one for today - 04.04) but it removed the licence resulting in the loss of all pro features.
最近の変更はMiteshuが行いました; 2013年4月3日 15時26分
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aDewil 2013年4月4日 6時42分 
press right mouse button in display fusion logo and EXIT.
then in steam press right button DISPLAYFUSION game/app name list and select PROPERTIES, then select LOCAL FILES tab and press VERIFY INTEGRITY OF APLICATION CACHE and then restart DISPLAYFUSION from steam LAUNCH button

that fixed same proplem from me, but still restored backup settings.
RobotGizmo  [開発者] 2013年4月5日 11時10分 
animedewil is correct, just clicking "Launch" in Steam (after exiting DisplayFusion) should be enough to re-setup your Steam license information. :)
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