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Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves

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Some Constructive Criticism and Comments to the Devs :)

I guess this is specifically aimed towards the devs if they ever see this but I suppose people can agree or disagree with what I have to say if they so choose. I just bought this game for me and my boyfriend due to the sale yesterday and I've got to say I really like how this game is laid out. The music is gorgeous, the characters though quirky are endearing in their own sort of way (though the english voice acting is, granted, a bit stilted but I've definitely heard far worse), and the atmosphere is a very nice blend of dark and ironic humor. But there's a few things (some of which I know many people have pointed out) I feel like would be great additions/fixes to the game.

1) I know people have beat this dead horse. But I really do think it should be high on the priority list. Windowed mode can definitely make the game run smoother on some computers and a lot of people just simply prefer it. It's a simple thing, yes, but I think it would be a great option to add that very few would be against. And I'll just toss the idea of screen resolution change as well. I'm really happy that screen res changing has been added, but it's still a little limited and while my computer can run the current resolutions perfectly fine, I think it should be addressed.

2) The movement is a little strange to me. I haven't gotten too far in the game so maybe I just haven't gotten used to it, but most games in my experience have it where if there is a wasd control set combined with point of view controlled by moving the mouse, left and right causes characters to strafe and back causes characters to walk backwards. In this game, they instead completely turn left, completely turn right, and completely turn backwards. Maybe I'll take this back later, but I feel like the melee aspect of this game is a little steep not because the game is designed to make it difficult (though I feel some of that aspect is definitely there) but because the controls just feel a little awkward. This is just a suggestion though and if you feel that having the characters actually completely turn rather than strafe/backstep is a crucial aspect to the design, I can respect that. But it does make learning the control scheme compared to a lot of other games with the exact same setup just a little difficult, at least in the beginning.

3) So I think I'm moving from "I think you should really implement this" to "I'd like to see but it isn't crucial". I know a lot of people have mentioned it, and I would really like to see it too. Multiplayer. But no rush. I've seen a lot of people argue back that the single player needs to be polished up more first before getting here, and I whole heartedly agree. While the game seems to have a lot of great set up (and gotta admit, I love how you did the whole stamina/fear factor/etc etc), some things just feel like they need a little polishing before you take on a huge endeavor such as multiplayer (which even triple A companies manage to screw up a lot). But I think it's a great goal to move towards, maybe an expansion pack you could sell for a few dollars or a sequel game. I'd be more than willing to buy either both for me and anyone else willing to play with me. The game has a feel that is often compared to Orcs Must Die, and I absolutely loved Orcs Must Die 2 co-op and I feel that Sang-Froid has the potential to the same as well as bringing its own unique elements and style to the table that OMD doesn't which makes it still a unique and fun experience for anyone who enjoys that general genre (and is social enough to play with at least one other person).

I really do have high hopes for forthcoming improvements. I know that you guys have been waiting to see how the sales go before committing to any large scale projects for this game, and I think the steam sale has really helped. If I recall, this game got in the top 10 list on steam yesterday. That being said, having sold that many copies, I do think your customers do deserve some support and polish for this game.

I hope you consider what I have to say and maybe implement some of these in the future (near for some, far for others). Happy hunting :)

EDIT: Oh. I forgot. This is also something minor. But maybe an option to play with French audio but English text? I'm not sure how many people would make use of this and worst come to worst I can just finish the game in english then play again in French, but it'd be cool to hear the game in its native language.
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