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Short but fun.
Hi there.

Just wanted to give my 2 cents.

I preordered this because the fearfactor looked awsome and i generally like Tower defense where you can move around (action-td ?). After playing the first 6 nights in the beta/demo/prerelease i stoped to come back when its done.
Well yesterday i came back and felt like i have to start over and collect/save up more money and also get the feeliing for the controlls again. Barely 8 hours later (so kind of more like 6) i am done :/
I realy like the game but that seems rather short lived. Dunno if the expirience will change if i go and try it with the other brother, had a quick look over his skilltree and can not imagine i would choose a different playstyle.
Spiketraps, bait, firewall and ballista (maybe mortar for the luz) is kind of all you need if you get the hang of targeting-system (wich is confusing) for your axe. I feel like the rife didn´t come into action often enough. Now you could say, i can take it if i want to but you know its not rewarding. i would need way more fearfactor things on the map and everything would take so much more time, so i would have to use even more bait aand firewalls running out of money fast and not getting the better rifles while spending all my money on bullets and traps that buy me some time. Could be a "personal challenge" but does not feel apealing when i can´t get my items up (well its an rpg :P).

So the game for me would be: 8/15
negative sides:
- i mostly miss more content / longer story
- more control over melee (moves, sprint attacks, etc.)
- better implementation of the rife
- deeper story line
positive aspects:
- nice title song
- fearfactor (even if i didn´t matter much for my game)
- planing td for 5-6 phases in one night (should have been more of those level)

My wishes for the furture:
- patches with ongoing, story based content
- patches with more charcterisation (skills and weapons) for the two brothers
- higher difficulty playthrough (more AP, money but way more phases per night: cut down melee so you can barely kill a normal wolf with the kings axe)
- more bossfights
- coop story line
- Tome 2

What i wouldn´t like to see in the future:
- mapeditors spaming "content" that has no relelance to the nice story
- coop on not adjusted maps
- DLCs because i feel like 15€ for 6h should point to patches (yeah, i know there are games like crysis 3 or tomb raider 1-gazillion that cost 30+ and have the same playtime, but gues what my comment there would lokk like ...)

So there are my 2 cents.
Gonna gve the second brother a chance (i think) maybe i will adjust some of this then.
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Duomtl Jun 1, 2013 @ 9:35pm 
Cool insight, thanks for the comments. Hope you continue to enjoy the game if you decide to play with Jack!
Hmm... like you said, a lot of games cost much more than that, and often add DLC on top of that. Metro: Last Light, for example, cost 50 dollars and lasts maybe 10 to 12 hours, and adds 15+ dollars just for the DLC. For Borderlands 2, the DLC alone is 30 dollars (if you buy the cheapest package).

Don't get me wrong, I agree with most of your concerns with it and I myself find the game to be seriously lacking in content. I think 8/15 (considering a rating from 1 to 15, that's a 50% score), would have been valid for a big expensive game.

For the first game of a 6-man indie company though, and at only 15 bucks? I think it's a little harsh.

But yes, now that they have the experience, I think they'll be able to make something much more solid for Tome II.
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