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Voodoojedizin May 1, 2013 @ 5:59am
Note to developers
The first time I should have listened to the reviewers and not buyers.
Note to developers your game sucks

Do not make a tutorial that extends the entire length of the game.
Do not make popup boxes that block the players view. Example in the never ending
tutorial you're told to shoot the nets, only the popup boxes are so big you can't
see the nets. The way the tutorials are made and the fact that you have to run a
certain way, add to what I claim, there's "no playing the game" the developers
already have planned it out for you.

Please explain how you could not see these giant pop up boxes that are blocking
players from seeing what you're asking them to look at. And I bet your answer
will be that you intended the player to run a preplanned way and the box will go

Make a game that people can "play" you have taken that out of the game.
You have made it so that there's virtually only one way to win each night, you
have to do specific things in a specific way or you lose. And unfortunately you
have set the criteria not the player, and I can prove this. One only has to read
the hints, that is the only way to do, It's not a hint! it's the only way!
I have played a lot of tower defense games and had never seen one so unforgiving
to the player. We dont get to play the game you already mapped out the only way
to win for us.

Please explain where the fun is to be found in frustration, even at normal this
game is ridiculously hard mostly because you, pre-planned the outcome, the timing
and the speed the player must move. Also what you have done is take away the
replay value, if there's only "your way to win" there's no reason to replay the

Also the idea that your skinning local town folks who become Werewolves and
selling their skins is a little weird. So Canadian Werewolves dont go back to
their human form when die? Like the ones in Hollywood?

You may have gotten my $15.00, but I get to delete your game and tell my friends
good idea done badly. Don't buy it the developers already played the game for you
you won't have a choice.
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Duomtl May 1, 2013 @ 7:06am 
Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm just sad to see you didn't have a better experience with the game.


It's true that the first missions clearly steer you into using a particular strategy; they basically act as tutorials. You demonstrate a trap's use to yourself. I'll admit that's boring for non-newbie players, but that's just the early game, the rest offers more options. I've seen only two "Let's Play" playthroughs, and the players did things quite differently from each other in later levels.

In short, you bring up a good point about the first third of the game, but I disagree with your overall assessment.

Additionally, that Wevewolf skinning complaint doesn't make sense. Werewolves are just regular wolves inhabited by the corrupt souls of the villagers; the villagers' bodies are at home in their beds, they stay human the whole time. You skin mutated wolves, not villagers.

The game's got some serious issues, I can't deny that. But considering the relatively low price (you'd pay double that for a single restaurant meal) and the fact that it was made by just six dudes, I'd call it a very successful prototype. With the experience they've gained making the first game and the feedback from players, imagine what they could do with the sequel.
Strud May 1, 2013 @ 8:07am 
your complaints about the game are invalid, the first 9 days i agree its a little bit, do this to win. after that the game becomes interesting, a wider variety of enemies, more of them coming from different locations at different speeds, you need to figure out where you need to be before they get there while protecting other areas with traps and the like, delaying the enemies long enough for you to get where you need to be, the replay value is fine if you don't suck at the game, and by your statement "even at normal this
game is ridiculously hard mostly because you, pre-planned the outcome" is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ statement, the game may be preplanned as to where the enemies are going but its up to YOU to figure out how to get there in time and stop them. if you have even the slightest inclining of what your doing in a tower defence game even on HARD mode this game should be easy. clearly you have an underrated opinion of the game and an overly optimistic opinion of your abilities

(you developers might not be able to say anything is response, that doesn't mean we have to sit back and let you take crap from people)
Well here is what I am thinking

The OP makes decent points though I dont agree with how it is being delivered.

I do enjoy the game for the most part but I do get angry most of the time as its difficulty is well difficult.

There really is only one way to do things I think this could easily be solved or not by giving a bit more money cause in my current position I have no money to really do anything cant buy new guns or anything I basically have to set traps and thats all I can do.

Basically I think some tweaking is needed but I think overall its decent for the price
The thing with this game is you set your own difficulty level and get rewarded accordingly.

If you make things super easy for yourself (expensive traps everywhere, superfluous traps "just in case"), you get little money for each level because you spend all your cash and AP on things you don't need.

If you make things hard for yourself (use the strict minimum amount of traps needed, kill enemies with your axe), you get loads of cash. Doubly so because, in addition to not spending a lot of cash on traps, you also spend less AP and can convert that AP into extra money by cutting wood. People who use fewer traps and put points in the logging skill often finish the game with around 20 extra dollars.

The difficulty is dynamic and the rewards automatically follow the difficulty... it's actually very clever, and was one of the major factors that made me buy the game. I love this kind of smart design choice.
Mean Scientist May 2, 2013 @ 7:51pm 
not a great delivery, but somewhat valid points, My major gripes are the clunky combat and lack of possible avenues for success. The clunky combat caused me to fail the initial tutorial four times. It's like half facing and half auto target which causes me to miss more often than not. I am already anticipating the mobs movement then when I swing it makes me face where they were. As I swing the mob is already moving out of my facing range and the auto targeting is just causing me to swing wildly. This makes me have to rely on traps too much especially for my first play-through on the burly guy thats supposed to be the one less reliant on traps. Oh, and having to run around in a circle to turn around is not so great, my tactics for melee now is to try a sort of 'drive-by' hit or just get close to the mob and swing wildly hoping the auto targeting will catch.

The lack of viable avenue's is obvious when the best and most used trap is the firewall. The firewall is the only way to gain time to get to all the mob's before they attack buildings, since the mob's are timed to get to buildings on opposite sides of the map at the same time. For instance, the mill and barn usually have mob's slated to get there within 15-20 seconds each on the same wave. The most valuable upgade is the one that allows the firewall to redirect the wil'o'wisps. Which are a pain on their own without the clunky combat.

I have just ended up funneling all mobs to the area behind and around the cabin. While this may be what is intended as variability, the need for constant use of the firewall doesn't really lend to creating a nice flow to the action. I wouldn't mind running from one area to the next if I knew I wasn't being forced to use firewalls just to prevent mobs from attacking buildings since they were spawned so close in proximity and time. My thoughts end up as stated, just funneling them to the area behind the cabin.

Usually I enjoy games too much and can spend hours playing. Unfortunately I can only stand playing this game for less than an hour at a time, completing one day/night a play session because the clunky combat and use of firewall's gets annoying. Sad because I like the game and bought it to support an independent studio. Thanks for reading.
stevepi May 3, 2013 @ 9:08am 
I have to diagree with alot what people said here.

First of all, the difficulty is fine i barely had to restart a level, only at the later stages it became necessary to do more than one try and thats how it should be.

Secondly the combat is deliberatly tactical, you are not supposed to slaughter all of the enemies on your own, even with the big fellow. The combat, as i see it, is there to give u a greater margin of error, if ur traps didnt work out as u planned u can try to fight the remaining enemies and still try to win the night.

Thirdly the Tutorial messages. I think they are nice and explain everything well. Yes the first few nights are an introduction but the interesting content is further down the road, this too is to be expected and fine by me.

Forthly, there seem to be alot of ways to tackle these levels and i didnt felt forced down an specific path. With the combat skill Joseph can be a very decent brawler but in the end its not a beat em up game.

I like to agree on some balance issues i found. The net is very good at the early stages but becomes useless later since it dmg gets split among the enemies beneath it, it gets beaten hands down by the explosive barrel. The combination of firewalls, poisened bait and explosive barrel seems to be unbalanced to me. Funnel them all down one road keep em with the bait untill all enemies are there and hit the barrel for the win. Mop everything up thats left.

Thats the only thing i found to limit the variety of playstyles.

All in all i greatly enjoyed the game. Its setting and gameplay while not without problems provided an enjoyable experience to me. and the 13€ i paid felt like a reasonable price for what i got here.
I am sorry that the OP feels differently but i have the very distinct feeling, that he approached this game with a very narrow mindset.
HellDuke May 4, 2013 @ 3:11am 
Reading through the OP I can only have one reaction: did he even bother playing the game? No, seriously, did he bother playing throught at least the first 4 nights? Granted I would like to get everything unlocked sooner, but the pacing for the most part seems to be right. Didn't need to restart at all in the begining and I clearly felt like I did things my way. For example: hints say that I should use the mortar effectively though I didn't even use one.
Mean Scientist May 4, 2013 @ 3:59pm 
lucan, no I'm not disabled or bad at videogames. The combat is clunky. It's cool that a PC game plays like an xbox title, thats why I play on PC. derp. I'll just hook up my button mashing controller.
Vrolok May 5, 2013 @ 5:04pm 
Clunky combat is cool. It's not too clunky to be unplayable and at the same time gives extra difficulty and even realism. You are not a superhero or something, so even wolves can kill you. Lots of horror games had clunky combat, for instance old Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but it only made games scarier, since you do not know who's gonna win the next battle.
PS. IMO the game is awesome. Haven't played something as cool like this in the long run. Innovative, yet traditional.
RATMANS May 5, 2013 @ 7:16pm 
Just saying, beat the game, never looked at the hints the whole time, set up each night my way.
Shorty4573™ May 19, 2013 @ 1:53pm 
I could not disagree more.
After actually playing the game, I can safely say that's a bunch of hooey.

Aside from the first few levels, there's many, many different ways you can complete objectives. And you certainly don't "lose" if you don't do it exactly as they want you to.

The last levels I was in had a dozen wolves and three Windigos. I accidentally caught the wolves with some bait I'd planned for the third Windigo, *and* I missed the first Windigo with the Ballista I'd set up.

Turns out the wolves died to the poison I'd put in my bait. I mêlée'd the first Windigo to death (got an achievement for that), killed the second Windigo and ziplined to the Chapel before the third Windigo destroyed it, and mêlée'd that one to death too. I drank a health potion when I got low, but I didn't get hit after that so it turns out I wouldn't even have needed it.

Here's the kicker: I only spent about 1/3 of my AP on traps for that level. I used the rest to cut wood for extra money (which is why I now have 11.95 dollars). I could have put bonfires everywhere, more bait with nets, more spike traps, a few explosive barrels as insurance in case I missed with the Ballistae or just more Ballistae in the first place, etc.

If you're crazy you can even use Fire Walls and the wind-turning amulet to lure every single monster in a wave to a single location and blow them all up with the same powder barrel.

If anything, the game is too easy. I expect playing with Jack will be harder but still not all that challenging.

Bottom line, there's tons of ways you can do things and if something goes wrong you can still go with it; OP probably didn't play past the first couple levels.
YukoValis May 20, 2013 @ 2:33pm 
I played this game front to back and I don't see anything wrong with it. I had a good chance of variety in where something was set up, and that even changed over the following nights if I didn't use a trap. Tutorials although long were well put together and gave the game a bit of charm to each. I only ever ran into one bug, but it didn't repeat and has since been fixed. Besides the first mission the game really doesn't hold your hand, especially later on.

All in all the game turns out to be some wild crazy dance in the middle of the night. You place your traps, you memorize your steps, and then everything becomes an exciting blur of blood and steel. I say to the OP, give it a chance. Get a bit further into the game before you make a judgement. Sometimes I've played a game and hated every second of it, and then weeks later I went back to it for no reason, and loved every moment.
this game sucks? o_0
It is friggin awesome
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