Reznor 2013年4月11日 17時09分
Hey, great work on the game.
Hey, great work on it seriously. Well worth the 15 dollars i spent on it. But i got a question as to what's better to get in terms of rifle's?
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Duomtl 2013年4月11日 20時30分 
Well the Enfield is the most well rounded I would say, it is the late game gun (it is 8 dollars after all). The inbetween guns really depend on taste. Do you want the long range of the sniper, or the 2 bullets with the double barrel?
Reznor 2013年4月11日 20時43分 
Hm, i do like a good well rounded rifle. It seem's the Enfield is the way to go. Thanks!
Duomtl 2013年4月11日 20時45分 
Well by the end of the game ya, you can upgrade inbetween though.
Artifice Studio  [開発者] 2013年5月9日 17時53分 
Thanks for the comments!
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