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Für Anfänger - Bergbau + Handel mit dem Oberon-Frachter -*X*- For beginners - Mining + Trading with the Oberon Freighter
by DraachePat
KV D 13.3 (17/06/2014) Bergbau und Handel mit dem Oberon-Frachter : Bergbau-Laser. Mining and trading with the Oberon Freighter : Mining Laser. Hallo, Hi all, Dieser Guide ist für Anfänger, die den ersten Schritt in den Raum wagen und Geld mit ...
Game Controls
by theGleep
A simple list of key bindings...
Building Your First Ship
by LumberingTroll
Introductory guide to building ships in Kinetic Void all content subject to change throughout the course of development...
Printable Key Reference (PDF)
by GeorgeT93
A .pdf file containing the key commands for Kinetic Void. The guide can be saved and loaded onto your tablet, or can be printed out on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper....
Kinetic Void 101: ShipBuilding for Beginners (Creative)
by Kaypix
Learn how to create a galaxy and build your first ship with this tutorial. Includes a video as well as screenshots....
Video Tutorial: Design Your 1st Ship
by VGFLz
Tutorial is about 10 min long and leaves you with a functioning ship. Hope this helps!...
Kinetic Void 201a - Radar Icons in Space
by Kaypix
Understanding the icons on your HUD and what they mean....
Kinetic Void Workshop
by LumberingTroll
Instructions on how to use the Steam Workshop for Kinetic Void....
Tired of playing KV?
by Don Trump 4
Tired of the shipbuilder? Bored of the repetitive and inaccurate space fights? This guide will show how to keep entertaining yourself in KV till that next update's around the corner!...
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