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Comment s'enjailler dans l'espace
by Guipanda
Ce jeu n'a certes pas la complexité d'un 3X, cependant l'anglais et/ou la profondeur de jeu peuvent rebuter les débutant. Dans ce guide, je vais donc m'attacher à expliquer et à traduire, pas à pas, l'éditeur de vaisseaux, les contrôles ainsi que...
Für Anfänger - Bergbau + Handel mit dem Oberon-Frachter -*X*- For beginners - Mining + Trading with the Oberon Freighter
by DraachePat
KV D 13.3 (17/06/2014) Bergbau und Handel mit dem Oberon-Frachter : Bergbau-Laser. Mining and trading with the Oberon Freighter : Mining Laser. Hallo, Hi all, Dieser Guide ist für Anfänger, die den ersten Schritt in den Raum wagen und Geld mit ...
Kinetic Void Basics
by Kaypix
This guide is meant to help users learn the basics of playing Kinetic Void, including keybindings, shipyard UI, sector UI and commands in space. This guide will be a living, breathing thing and will be getting updated throughout the week....
How to add a custom faction and add ships to factions
by Kraft_Lawrence
Note: This involves some simple modifications of your Kinetic Void game that includes creating and adding files and txt documents. Don't delete anything that is already there or else you may screw up your game. Just stick to this guide and you should have...
Kinetic Void: Store and Inventory (and Adding Ammo to your ship)
by Kaypix
This guide will introduce players to the Store, Station Inventory and Ship Inventory as well as how to equip purchased items to the player's ship....
How To Make a Supplementary iPad Flight Control Panel
by Galahir950
A simple guide that shows you how to use your iPad as a supplementary flight control panel....
Kinetic Void 101: ShipBuilding for Beginners (Creative)
by Kaypix
Learn how to create a galaxy and build your first ship with this tutorial. Includes a video as well as screenshots....
Dust on your Camera?
by Kaypix
Simple guide on how to remove the dust particles from the camera in Kinetic Void...
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