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F.O.R.B.I.D.D.E.N. Technologies and the Redawn Empire
FORBIDDEN Technologies is a mysterious corporation that builds ships exclusively for the Redawn Empire. It has been in existence since the rise of Redawn and supplies all craft for it. Little is known about FORBIDDEN, but it's ships are very different, to the point that many factions believe that they use salvaged alien technology. For example:

-Redawn does not use carriers. Every ship has hyperdrives.
-Engines are significantly more powerful than current ships like Campbell's Defender.
-Armor is significantly stronger, believed to be alien in nature.

It is widely accepted that FORBIDDEN Technologies use technology that surpasses the most contemporary ships. Many wonder how the other factions have held them at bay in the past.
The Stalker is the recon ship of the Redawn Empire. It is outfitted with advanced radar systems and the most powerful engines a light fighter can muster. Lightly armed, it can outrun about anything else.
The Banshee is the Redawn's main fighter. In the past, up to the Vantiak Agression War and the creation of the Raider, was the most powerful fighter and, like the Stalker, also possesed powerful engines. Squadrons of these are common sights around various fleets, convoys, and shipyards.
The Ghost is an escort frigate whose duties closely resemble contemporary destroyers. These ships are moderately powerful, fast, and are very effective considering their size compared to Pirate Attitudes, FGU Corvettes, and Vantiak Regulators. Escort missions, patrols, and small-scale command are the main duties of Ghosts.
Many factions consider smaller, faster freighters the answer to their problems. FORBIDDEN took a different route; the Ghoul is a huge, armored freighter that can withstand ungodly amounts of damage before letting go of their goods for good. The are also heavily armed, but often rely on the smaller Ghosts and Banshees for protection against bombers. It was not unheard of to send battleships to take out these craft, but usually the Ghouls would just power up their hyperdrives before they got close. Destruction or capture of one of these lumbering craft was a highly decorated achievment.
FGU Conquer battleships rely on hundreds of smaller guns on the sides to broadside opposing forces. Vantiak Disciplines use large anti-battleship guns on the front and have smaller guns on the back to ward off smaller craft. Redawn Reapers were the most menacing of them all: foward batteries of cannons and guns with supreme frontal armor plating and experimental HEXGUN configurations. Reapers were bigger than Conquers and more armed and armored than Disciplines, leading up to the changes in warfare to smaller fighter-destroyer combat. That's not to say their rears were exposed, as sufficient firepower was placed in the hearts of each Reaper to even repel cruisers.

The Redawn Empire was the mightiest of its time, due to FORBIDDEN's designs. Up to the rise of FGU dominance in fighter combat, they constantly gained systems from neighboring factions through military campaigns. After the Vantiak Aggresion War, however, the other factions scrambled to reorganize their fleets, and gave rise to powerful fighters and destroyers, something the Redawn Empire was not prepared for. Although they still hold on to most of their possesions, the Redawn Empire's military juggernaut was finally stalled.
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