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devil_kit Sep 21, 2013 @ 2:30am
Solar Vertex - Icarus Series
The commercial conglomerate known as Solar Vertex has an internal experimental division named Omni Research and Development (ORAD for short) their primary goal is to create ships with modular designs for ease of maintenance and configuring ships for different mission profiles or purposes. This Omni design philosophy places the ability to swap out entire ship components easily or hulls and replace or repair them with other compatible parts with little to no modification.

The Icarus was conceived to be a Frigate class scout escort ship for long range escort duty for commerce or police patrol, underwhelming performance though nearly stopped the entire project until the entire ship was scaled up increasing the mass to an Escort Cruiser, and performance increased dramatically. The design was influenced by symmetrical ship construction. Noticeable features include upper and lower bridges, turrets, and redundant systems making it quite a reliable ship.

The Icarus is an impressive Escort cruiser sporting no less than 28 size 3 turret placement positions, two type 3 Kinetic Field Generators, ability to track up to 30 targets, 2.5 million sensor range at 1330 speed,

But the Icarus does have flaws attacks from the rear can easily knock out engines are a noticeable weak point and the front of the ship is somewhat unarmored but the impressive forward firepower will deter most head on attacks. Some factions have pushed this ship into offensive combat situations, where it doesn’t do well at all.

The Icarus received a design upgrade shortly after disappointing results at the battle of Alcerius II. Even though Icarus ships were involved on both sides of the battle most were disabled or had to retreat due to upper and lower bridges, engines, and weapon broadside positions destroyed with concentrated salvos. The Icarus II upgrade adds a fair amount of hull plating to the broadsides but they are smaller Size 1 and 2 hull units increasing its mass making the Icarus II a Cruiser class warship. Time will tell to see if the Mark II upgrades will make this ship a viable front line fighter. While the Mk II upgrade exists roughly 35% of all current Icarus ships have been upgraded to the Mk II armor variant.