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Don Trump 4 Aug 24, 2013 @ 5:46pm
Campbell Industries
Campbell Industries are a Government and Private contracting company who specialize in fighter craft.
The Raider was Campbell's introductory fighter that thrust the company in the public eye. This revolutionized the very aspects of modern warfare itself.
This verstile craft often hauls large cargo that can't fit in ships. Unarmed, Engineers often haul and install modules for space stations, transport living quarters, and other tasks.
The Defender replaced government-issued Raiders for the Federated Galactic Union due to it's improvements in about every area. They are feared for their superiority even to squadrons of fighters.
Invaders were employed as front-line counters to fightercraft and bombers. The unique and efficient weapons placement was inspired (stolen) from an older-model batlleship.
The Privateer is Campbell's foothold in the independent mercs' arsenal. The unique placement of parts gives it a distinctive feel, yet provide adequate living space for a small crew in a fighter sized ship.
Marauders are heavy bombers used to destroy anything bigger than a destroyer. The narrow design makes it a smaller target to the big guns used on such vessels.

Campbell Industries is a very large corporation. Few ever make it outside of limited government contracts and private sales. It headed by C.E.O. Luther Campbell and have shipyards in many sectors of the galaxy. Notable rivals are the frigateers HyperSub Corporation and experimentalists FORBIDDEN Technologies.

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