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Spixer Jul 28, 2013 @ 10:14pm
Space Program for Inter-system Exploration (SPIX) [Story Mode]
Earth 2062,

Environment has suffered of post-industrial era in the beginning of the century because of mass using of petroleum and coal as main energy. The rarity of the resources led to a brief war in 2024. The war last 3 months and none won. No bomb exploded and less than 1000 men feIl on the battlefield. Every nation stayed on his defenses. The war ended thanks to an unexpected event. Petroleum companies released on market green technologies and inventions they bought over time to keep high profits. This war wasn’t deadly compare to the raising of the sea level and changing weather which killed over 500 millions of people between 2020 and 2024. This war is now called the “Reborn War” which gave a second chance to humanity.

By now, mankind is flourishing with the development of new green technologies and the wise use of Earth resources. Pollution emission has been reduced by nearly 75%. Earth is healing up but the population is rising slowly but dangerously. Around 9.4 billons of people now live on Earth. The high population is the new challenge Earth is confront to.

As the beginning, humans are looking at the sky. Recently, scientists discovered 2 planets that could be colonize. According to their survey, they know that there is liquid water on the surface and oxygen in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, since the war in 2024, government stopped funding space programs to establish new green technologies and maintain economy. But to maintain already orbiting infrastructures, the owners had to hire private companies. With private corporations leading the way, space flight and engineering has been improved over years and now about 4 inhabited stations orbit the Earth. Six major corporations shared what is now called the “space market” which consists mainly of fueling and supplying stations, launching satellites and research modules. Space tourism is also a growing part of these companies’ income.


One of the six major space corporations reveals his new wing called “ Space Program for Inter-system Exploration ” also named “SPIX”. The project details are kept secret but the CEO told that they will build new kinds of spaceship to travel beyond Solar system to ultimately allow colonization of new planets.


“SPIX” launched a shuttle with onboard, five astronauts who will inhabit the new station orbiting the moon called “SPIX OCP” ( Orbital Command Platform ). The shuttle will reach the station in 19 days. It took 17 flights to assemble the station and 1 month to move it from Earth to Moon. The first official picture of “SPIX OCP” has been published while the shuttle was leaving the ground. This picture has been taken by the “MOLE” satellite which is scanning the Moon’s ground for valuable deposit.

SPIX OCP - Stage 1

Today: 27/08/2062

“PIONEER” name gives to the shuttle entered Moon’s orbit this morning and should secure to the station in two days. This is a new generation of space shuttle capable of carrying huge cargo on his back. For the expanding of “SPIX OCP”, this new space shuttle is a like a god’s gift. The chief engineer of “SPIX” told that it may carry about 4 times more weight than before. Since almost all basic supplies are already in the station, “PIONEER” carries mostly pieces for its first expand which he didn’t tell a word. Once arrived, Captain Simon and his crew won’t have time to idle.


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Spixer Jul 30, 2013 @ 7:17pm 
Update 27/08/2062
Shagohod ~Red Aug 23, 2013 @ 3:33pm 
Pretty cool someone took the time to give his galaxy a background story! I am, as of now, busy doing the same. Having some inspiration is great, although it's a shame no one actually replies to it. :<

Well done anyway!
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