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Register your Company here! (For the Roleplayers/Storytellers)
This is just a topic for fun; not required by any means. Please limit the spam though :D

For the roleplayers/storytellers out there that have their own companies/corporations for Kinetic Void ships; post in this thread with the company(s) name; what they specialize in; how big, or how small they are and if applicable a link to the Workshop Collection(s).

Æther Tech Corporation (ÆTeC)

-The Æther Tech Corportation - abreviated as ÆTeC - is a large and sucessful mega-corporation turned multi-system corporate controled goverment. ÆTeC shipyards specialize in high-quality, state-of-the-art warships. A few civilian products that are marginally sucesful are also in theor portforlio. ÆTeC ships are well built to the extreme; and expensive - You'll find most of their products in only the richest goverment forces and other mega-corporations - or very wealthy individuals for their civilian products.

-ÆTeC does not manufacture dreadnaughts; they produce some ships of the classifcation in game; but they are not dreadnaughts. An example of this is the FCC-1.

-Famous Æther Tech Corp ships include the Adroit-class Cruiser, Cutter-class Heavy Fighter/Bomber and the Scarlet Glaive.

-ÆTeC retains a strong professional relationship with TDN (Turid'Dorasos Nation) [Trauma]


Marauder Fleet

-The Mauarader Fleet is a orginzed and powerful group of raiders with no known connections to the rest of the Galaxy until a few years ago when their ships started raiding the shipping lines (prompting a massive surge of orders for escort vessels). The Marauder Fleet's ships are powerful, durable and fine-tuned to quickly disable, capture and unload freighters. The Marader Fleet has several classes of ship - meaning they have access to a shipyard(s) are do not use "uglies", salvaged or stolen spaceships.

-It is not known were the Marauder Fleet procures their ships and materiel from; and any attempt to capture a Marauder Fleet vessel ends in its destruction and the obliteration of all evidence.

-Several companies have profited well from the increased demand for powerful escort frigates and cruisers by large shipping companies.

- The "Marauder King" is the largest known ship of the Marauder Fleet. The smallest is the CALF, currently on the 6th version.
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Quick question, why is this under Shipyard? Dec 10, 2013 @ 1:36pm 
re: Grimm

It seemed like the most appropriate place to put it. I didn't want to put it under Workshop discussion; since that isn't really what this thread is about.
Mr. Bunny Dec 20, 2013 @ 7:49pm 
The Story
TAG Technologies

As a small company the CEO Convector gave TAG Technologies the following task:

“As the CEO of TAG Technologies I want a clear message to the people of this galaxy. This message must be read on every telecom, seen on in every virtual reality program. This message must message must resound throughout the entire interstellar network. I want this galaxy to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman, and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I WANT EVERY ONE TO REMEMBER WHY THEY NEED OUR WAR SHIPS!”

TAG Technologies was created shortly before The Genome War . The war helped TAG Technologies grow into a huge corporation. When the well-known companies of if the galaxies Technologies where falling behind in the fight against the Genome, so they came looking for new technological advance war ships. TAG Technologies was able to beat the other companies to the punch. During the war the first Babylon series war ships power showed the power the corporation “TAG Technologies” had at their disposal.
At the end of the war the Head Quarters of TAG Technologies was attacked by the Genome in a last ditch effort to stop the power of TAG Tech. In that fight TAG Tech lost most of its blueprints of the latest and future series and has been lost forever.
74 years later TAG Technologies now have the latest Series of war ships, The Agonemnot series. Used by other corporations, Worlds, and Civilians as one of the latest Defense series war ships were designed to take the punches from all sources. All Agonemnot series ships have the latest heavy armor and last the longest in firefights. Now not only do the Agonemnot series ships have the power to take all that can be thrown at them, but can also toss back damage of state of the ark weapons.

TAG Technologies is currently developing the Slicer series for Civilian use. So look forward to the Slicer series civilian ships. Later after the release of the Slicer series TAG Technologies is going to bring back the Babylon series ships for a short time updated with the latest Armor plating and weapons.
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Cletus 5000 Jan 14, 2014 @ 8:59am 
Colony V Mining Co.

Colony V has been proud to bring you the most valuable minerals and exploar the deepest reaches of the galaxy for over 750 years! Thanks to the dedicated fleet of Col V, we have been able to send civilization further reaching into 30 unknown sectors! Ships such as the Col V - Thast have provided the means to locate valuable minerals for our larger vessels from the Col V - Miner 1 to the Crown jewel of our fleet, the Col V - Thor bringing the riches of the galaxy home to civilization.

More to Come.
Eden Jan 20, 2014 @ 12:25pm 
CSC Tools (Condor Ship Company)

-Ember 12, 15th Space Year-

This compain are the main Military Ship building Corperations in the Midramada Galaxy. They are one of the first ship building companys in that galaxy so no duh they are number one. Currently they have standard Mark I class ship with a portotype Mark II fighter. All ships look some what the same to keep any enemies away from the main class however, normally the bigger the ship means it must be the main one! They have multiple works in progress but currently working on what they call the Tool class, which is they're main products of purchase so far. They are working on some Dor series ships, for civilian transport, more on that as they come.
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Mr. Bunny Jan 21, 2014 @ 7:44am 
well♥♥♥♥♥♥ i am no longer the only Corp. here, Rivals Accepted.
Eden Jan 21, 2014 @ 12:06pm 
May we battle for control of money <3
Mr. Bunny Jan 21, 2014 @ 5:41pm 
Sure sure *walks away* and boards a Dreadnought from the TAG Tech Agonemnot Series cattlog. Jan 21, 2014 @ 8:40pm 
*Boards the Scarlet Glaive and calls the fleet.*

Gentlemen, may fortune favor the he who hath built the better ship! ENGUARDE!

*FCC-1's launch their drones and fighters as the Adroit-class cruisers power foward to the gleeful cheer of a billion spectators.* (war is money, why not broadcast it pay-per-view ;D )
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Mr. Bunny Jan 22, 2014 @ 1:34pm 
The only problem i have with the new Subsystems is that Now my Heavy armor has now use but for the aesthetics.

*The TAG Technologies Fleet moves into Alpha Zulu Formation* (SureLet the Best Corp win)

*The TAG Technologies Brought Several Slicer Ships with Potential Customers to Watch the bettle*

We should Get Back on Track for Other Corps to Register.
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*TDN dreadnaughts joins the Æther Tech Fleet.

If you want to back down, now's your last chance.
Eden Jan 22, 2014 @ 8:21pm 
CNC Tools just came out with a new product of purchased due to the increase mobilization of other sectors with in their galaxy CNC Tools believe that strength it the only way to cool things down. So why not a big cruiser class ship with lots of guns!
BoRa Feb 21, 2014 @ 11:51am 
Wow exellent background storys here!

However its my turn :)

-~- The Amon'Tau Flotilla -~-

The Amon'Tau Flotilla is a organized bunch of ships from small fighters, escort cruisers and battleships up to colossal vessels. It's a huge fleet of several hundred ships, whose number is increasing steadily and can provide themselves. The Tau, also known as Zas'Daagar, are humanoid lizard-beings and are known for their strength and advanced technology willing. Since thousands of years the Tau, also known as Rachna'Var, has travelled trough the galaxy, colonized far worlds and brought knowledge and wisdom to every friendly and intelligent species they met.

They created a huge star empire with her homeworld Naruul'Zavas as center of diplomacy, trade and culture. They created a empire with limitless possibilities and free access to technologies of past cultures of extinct species, but they never had to fight. For sure they had weapons and a hand full Battleships, but they had never been confronted with a real threat.

The openess became their fatal as they found an intelligent, but agressive synthetic spezies, called Rachna'Vas, which involved them in a conflict that should continue for hundreds of years. Although they had to complain many losses, they fought together with their allies against the new threat and were able to keep the upper hand at important strategic points.

Thousands of people died while the battle of Potschak. Not only Tau's, also the Vuro's, Yaddra's and many other paid a great price, just so that the various colonies had time to escape. But the enemy was too strong and broke the resistance of the united nations and ultimately conquered the heart of the star empire, Naruul'Savar had fallen.

As the home world of Tau's fell it was only a matter of time before the scattered species would be wiped out. So the Tau fled with their ships from their home world and were divided into three fleets, knowing that only a fraction of their race would survive. The Zareel'Tau fleet went into the Rosus Nebula, the Amon'Tau fleet to the Adray Star Cluster and the Peruuvar'Tau fleet to the Vas'Fero Nebula.

For months, there was no contact between the fleets and as the Amon'Tau fleet arrived at the meeting place there were only a few residental vessels and cruisers of the Peruuvar'Tau fleet left, because the the heavy fleet, including battleships and heavy fighters, sacrifised them selfs, so the many residental vessels could live. The Tau swore vengeance to the Rachna'Vas and to conquer back their homeworld, whether it would take years, centuries or eons.

The Amon'Tau Flotilla was founded

Best regards Lord Borat
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OOM-911 Apr 2, 2014 @ 10:59pm 
I guess I'll add in mine to.

Originally the Davion was a large group of nomads from many races and species who were ether banished, abandoned, or lost their homes, During this time Davion began to develop the idea of a home world they could keep ideal will investing in heavy industry, as a result, when a world was selected all industry was kept in orbit, resulting in a world surrounded by several large rings and massive orbital stations, while the civilians moved to the surface, with orbital to assist in transport.

Since then the main Davion Shipyard Opened its gates and began producing ships for the defense force and small time travelers, later moving up to corporations and then to full on civilizations, and empires, currently Davion shipyards supply almost all the ships in use by over 10 surrounding nations.

Davion's main Products tend to fall in the battleship to dreadnought category most of the time, and tend to exceed the areas they were designed to fulfill in the extreme. Despite all this they are still built maintained and used to this day especially by the Davion Special Defense forces.
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I guess ill make a post here too!

The Krystal Fleet

We are the Krystal Fleet, and we are a branch of people that have split from the Red Dawn Empire, and are currently locked into a war with them. There has been a good 15 years of fighting, and now that most of us have relocated from their territory into our own, we fear that the Red Dawn Empire will soon attack us directly.

This is why we are building brand new models of ships and offering them to mercenaries (such as you) to both show off our strength and power through our ship designs as well as to intimidate the Red Dawn Empire. Our models of ships focus on speed and balanced weaponry, as well as ships being suited for multiple roles or key roles that they excel at. Our models range from simple and agile fighters to massive dreadnaughts that are able to rip enemy ships to shreds. As time goes by, we will have more ship models available to the public...

To clarify, we are NOT a corporation or company, we are a hidden faction outside of the current viewing eye of the Star Map, but like a corporation or company, we are providing our ships to certain mercenaries for them to show off what the Krystal Fleet has been working on. Hopefully you will enjoy our ship models.

For a true history lesson, please refer to the link above.
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