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LordCha0s1983 Apr 24 @ 2:31am
Game crash in shipyard
The game crashes when i try to add or change parts of this ship or opens the weapon manager.
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Kaypix  [developer] Apr 24 @ 4:50am 
I'm going to say it has to do with the number of modules your ship has. But if your game crashes you should have a crash log you can email me. It'll be in your Kinetic Void install folder under either Save Files or Kinetic Void Data
LordCha0s1983 Apr 24 @ 4:53am 
I send it allready to one of your guys. So i have to much modules and my system cant handle it?
Kaypix  [developer] Apr 24 @ 7:06am 
That'd be my guess. Was it you that sent me the log from like midnight this morning? I forwarded it to the guys for analysis but they won't all be in for a bit yet. What are your system specs?
LordCha0s1983 Apr 24 @ 7:33am 
No, i send it a few days ago. that ahppend a few times. My system specs should be enough:

-Prozessor: I7-3820 @ 3.60 GHz
-RAM: Patriot Division 4 16GB DDR3 2133MHz
-Graphik: Zotac Nvidia GTX 670 AMP
-Mainboard: EVGA x79 SLI
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Kaypix  [developer] Apr 24 @ 7:51am 
K thanks I'll find it :)
LordCha0s1983 Apr 24 @ 8:12am 
Ok. I send it from if it help´s u to find it
lozdawney Jun 26 @ 2:42am 
Hi same problem here too! Start a brand new game, new galaxy, go to select first part to build a ship and game crashes to desktop. System is Dell-Alienware M15x, 17-740qm, 8gb ddr3, AMD hd6990m. Running Linux Mint 17 KDE and AMD catalyst driver 14.4
lozdawney Jun 26 @ 2:43am 
And doubt it's the number of modules btw... as I am starting from the cube lol very first part I click crashes the game!
lozdawney Jul 18 @ 8:14am 
Any update on this yet? I cannot play at all... as soon as I click to add ANY part to the cube.. game dumps to desktop. And Kaypix, what is your email? So I can send log files
Kris  [developer] Jul 18 @ 9:30am 
Send your logs over to me and I'll check them out. We haven't had any other reports of this happening so the logs will help.
lozdawney Jul 18 @ 11:04am 
No worries :)
What will the filename be for the log? having trouble finding it...
Kris  [developer] Jul 18 @ 1:13pm 
If you are on a Windows machine you'll be looking for "\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Kinetic Void\Kinetic Void_Data\output_log.txt" This will have all the log info that we post from the game in it.
lozdawney Jul 18 @ 1:21pm 
No am on Linux :)
No output_log.txt or anything similar, anywhere in kinetic void folder or subfolders... could it be elsewhere?
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