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Gortern Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:54am
Space Battleship Yamato

Recently I started watching Space Battleship Yamato and I thought, "Hey, Why dont I try to make the ship in Kinetic void?" but that little voice in my head stated "It has too many curves and complete pieces that are not avalible in KV " But to the little voice's Demise, I created what I think is my greatest creation yet.
I also noticed nobody made one in the workshop. WHY NOT?

I'm sorry but I'm not a SBY Expert so I may have gotten a few things wrong, but overall I feel I did a very very good job.

Shoutout to the game for being really really kind to me me when I made this, normally wierd node placements accure when making curved ships, but yay!

as stated in this topic:

an idea to add a super captial weapon, I do hope its perfect for the Wave Motion Cannon.

but anyway, tell your friends tell your family and tell your wife, Its great!
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Kinetic Void > Shipyard > Topic Details