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Cynabal Feb 25 @ 12:11pm
Modify C&C without deleting entire ship?
Is it possible? I built a massive ship now i feel a different C&C Cockpit would look better but if i try and modify it the whole thing vanishes :(
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< > Feb 25 @ 12:53pm 
Currently, and I hope this changes in the future, KV's shipbuilding is tied to a "base" block, the first part you place is the part that EVERYTHING is attached to. Its been advised to me and others, pick the cockpit last. The community has suggested to the Devs that we should be able to have greater controler over the "base/master/root" block. Such as selecting a different part; or locking parts/groups of parts in, etc...
Cynabal Feb 25 @ 1:18pm 
Yeah I've learnt my lesson all my ships i buld now a start with 1 base block that can be worked arounf and go from there.
LumberingTroll  [developer] Feb 25 @ 2:42pm 
This is something we would like to change and will look at it when we work on the shipyard next.
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