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OOM-911 Feb 22 @ 6:14pm
Faction Manager / Ship Manager
We can basicly do what I want already just its kinda a hassel to tear threw my pc files to find ships, I've made or things I want certain factions using.

I think it would be cool if a faction manager was in the games main menu... It could be used for adding new factions to the rotation and assigning custom ships that have been made or downloaded from workshop to each one, and setting up default relations with other factions.

So if your one of those guys like me that who has made their own little faction of ships, you could now have your own little ai race running around with your ships, and be able to enable disable them from the rotation when making a new game.

after all we got 40+ slots and I think only 15 or so sides right now.

just my to cents.
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Lord Borat Feb 23 @ 4:23am 
Interesting idea i keep a eye on that. However i think it would enrich the ambience of your galaxy.
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