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Gortern Feb 11 @ 5:45pm
Pull the camera forward
like the title suggest, as of D9 the camera is just way too far back

here's a comparison of the D8 patch and D9 patch, same ship, same camera angle both are all the way zoomed in.

here's D8

and here's D9

as you can see the Camera is way too far back on the second one, this effects the Microwarp drive a lot, because with larger ships, the camera is too far back that you can cannot see inside the Microwarp, all you can see is the animated Tube.

so PLEASE fix this,
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Lord Borat Feb 11 @ 9:29pm 
Yes it is really to far back :/, but it would be enough if i could zoom and set the distance for my own.
Kris  [developer] Feb 12 @ 7:12am 
Some of the planes that we used to calculate distance were adjusted, and on larger ships it seems to have pushed the camera back. But on smaller ships you where able to clip straight thru the ship. We are looking at away to recalculate how close you can zoom in.
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