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emeg Feb 7 @ 2:48am
Realistic physics?
Hi, I don't have bought the game yet but I am interested. On thing I have seen in youtube video's regarding the game is that in space the thrusters (engines) are continue used to maintain speed, if you turn them off you start to slow down. I don't like that because it is unrealistic. In space you don't use continue working thrusters to maintain speed. Space is vacuum, there is no air friction as in a planetary atmosphere where you need continue working thrusters to prevent slowing down. In space you don't need to add energy (using fuel) to a spacecraft to maintain the same speed. When a spacecraft in space reach its target speed the thrusters are shut down, the spacecraft don't slow down but continue its journey with the same speed until a new thruster burn is executed. In real a spacecraft uses its main thrusters only to speed up and to slow down! Before slowing down the main thrusters are faced into the direction the spacecraft moves, thus flying backwards (due a retrograde manoeuvre) before the slowing down retrograte burn is executed. Will this kind of realism be added in the final game version?
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Kaypix  [developer] Feb 7 @ 6:08am 
Thanks for your question. If one turns off their Kinetic Field, they will achieve Newtonian Flight and keep moving forward at the same speed even with out the thrusters on. Pressing T will toggle the Kinetic Field on and off in game. Also, the field is what allows Micro Warp to happen, engages a safety shield from projectiles and allows more rapid change in speed and direction. When the field is turned off, you will float whatever direction you happened to be going when you had the engines on, and turning around to go the other way requires negating the speed you're traveling backwards prior to begin moving in the new direction.

I'll make a video showing this and post it later today.
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