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Wickerson Jan 29 @ 7:06am
Suggestion about maps, exploration, discovery
I was wondering if later in development, if you are planning to have unexplored sectors/star systems. For example, in career mode when you start the game, the map will display all the solar systems, but only a few are "explored," and you can warp to the different sectors in the explored systems.

You can still warp to the unexplored systems, but sectors and points of interest will not show up until you visit the system.
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Kaypix Jan 29 @ 9:05am 
That's a great idea Wickerson, I'll pass it along to our programmer who did the sector generator.
Wickerson Jan 29 @ 7:19pm 
Thanks! I hope it turns out well.
Wickerson Feb 15 @ 5:34am 
Good morning Kaypix, I have another small suggestion about the galaxy map and star system placement.

Currently when I create a new galaxy, a lot of star systems are placed around, or in, the bright center of the galaxy. Most galaxies have a large black hole in the center, sucking up stars, planets, etc, and making it a rather unpleasant place to live.

Maybe later on in development the sector generator can be modified so star systems are placed away from the center?
Kaypix Feb 15 @ 9:15pm 
We were looking at black holes for possible events but haven't settled on yay or nay yet.
Wickerson Feb 17 @ 3:04pm 
Yay I say!
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