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sybersmoke Aug 12 @ 3:05pm
When to bake the parts...
Right now, designing the ship was confusing and hard to understand because of a few design choices. One of those choices is that each part is baked or locked into place individually. This makes sence in some regards, like if you know how the design will turn out. But when assembling a design, the end result is far more maleable, and baking each part becomes a chore if you need to move one piece.

My suggestion is that the parts be allowed to remain a "cloud" of parts until the player chooses as an option. Allowing the player to add and remove parts from the cloud, move parts independantly to adjust the design, and generally keep things maleable. Once the ships form is figured out, then allow them to solidify the parts so they can add subsystems and finishing touches.

This is more a suggestion about the flow of a given process. So while I get the idea that the ship could have a Legoesk lock in for each part as it is placed. I feels unnatural (to me) and works against how I design things as I like to lay out my pieces, move them about, and then lock them in when I have it right. Something that is not easilly done rignt now.
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LumberingTroll  [developer] Aug 12 @ 5:25pm 
You can always go back and edit the parts, just right click on them and select modify.
sybersmoke Aug 14 @ 1:43am 
True, but you see what I was getting at I hope.
LumberingTroll  [developer] Aug 14 @ 6:43am 
Not really I guess, the parts are always selectable, and you can add, remove and modify them, it just merges them together to save on performance.
sybersmoke Aug 14 @ 10:42am 
What I am saying is that the player should choose when to merge things and when not to. Right now it feels as if you need to have the entire ship design planned in advance. As each piece needs to fit just right.

What I am saying is that instead of it needing to fit just right, you keep it more akin to working with clay. You keep the parts separate and movable with a right click and you merge them at the end of the process or by command of the player through the contextual menu.

In this way finalizing the part would be a way to control the selection process. So you can work in layers of parts (like photoshop) finalizing and baking them as you go. But not befor you are done with all of the pieces your working with.

This offers a better creative flow compared to right now. Where now if you want to move something that you may not have wanted to lock down in the first place, you need to go through two steps extra per part (Open menu, Choose Edit Object).
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