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Kaypix Jan 21, 2014 @ 7:13am
Welcome and Rules for Bug Reports
Welcome to the Live Build Bug Reports subforum for Kinetic Void! Below are some tips for reporting any bugs you run into (this info will help us when we're diagnosing the issue):

1) What operating system (OS) do you have? Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux (what version?), Mac (what version/name?)

2) What graphics card do you have?

3) How much RAM does your computer have?

4) Have you been able to duplicate the problem in another galaxy mode (if you're in creative, try career etc.)

5) Are you able to catch a screenshot of the event (if it's graphics in nature)?

6) Describe the problem you're experiencing.

By telling us the above information, especially if we get multiple reports of the same problem, we will be able to narrow it down. Once an issue is RESOLVED, I will edit the name of the topic and will move it to the "RESOLVED" thread after 24 hours.

Thanks again for all your help everyone, and Happy Gaming!

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Kaypix Mar 21, 2014 @ 7:06am 
Send emails to direct email is Let me know also in the email what happened when the game crashed. Were you warping somewhere, in combat? Any details will help us duplicate and fix the issue.
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Kinetic Void > Bug Reports > Topic Details