GuyInHeels May 18 @ 10:47am
Loading Ships Major Problem
As of yesterday ,for no reason I can fathom, ships I load load overtop of the last ship I was working on, so I will have 2 ships occupying the same spot, if I load another, it will load and the first ship will go away, so I never have more then 2 ships loaded at once.

This is happening everytime no matter what I've done or what ship that I'm loading. restarting does not help at all :/

Maybe someone else has been having this issue too? It's got me very confused :P
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LumberingTroll  [developer] May 18 @ 12:14pm 
What version are you on? and can I get a screen shot? We had an issue like this but we thought it was fixed, also, what OS, please.
Kris  [developer] May 18 @ 2:11pm 
Did you save any of your ships after you loaded them in hopefully not? When we seen this issue before it was due to one corrupted ship that would then cause a cascade of issues with the other ships. Have you made a new galaxy and then load in a default ship to see if it works correctly? It may bet the ship that is being loaded when you load the galaxy.
GuyInHeels May 18 @ 2:38pm 
haha actually I did save one :/ but I managed to get rid of the other ships parts and save again, it doesn't seem to be having an issue.

Alright I've been messign around a bit so let me explain some stuff:

I got rid of the problem :D yay! Another yay is I can now replicate it consistantly (well I caused it again in the sasme way I just hope I can get rid of it in the same way too haha) :P I was making a new ship and when I finished I loaded another one and that's what started this ship is small only 14 modules, but when it's loaded up any other ships that I load have this problem not even restarting the game would get rid of it.

So now I started reseting the shipyard in between loads of ships and just tested that reseting the shipyard does seem to get rid of this issue.

I did all this in the galaxy that was loaded with U12 and never made a new so I'm pretty sure that didn't effect it.

so half way through making the ship that caused the issue I removed a peice and all the other pieces went all over and I had to realign them (maybe that is what caused it)

I don't know if any of this is helpful haha but you can always ask me whatever you want to know and I'll try to find out for you.
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