Indicah May 14 @ 6:40pm
[Mac] *D12* Freezing on New Galaxy Creation
So I just bought this game on the humble bundle and I can't get it running. I've installed it on my macbook running 10.9 and it won't stop freezing everytime I try to create a new galaxy. I'm stoked to try out the game and I've been searching online for a couple hours with no luck. I thought this game worked on mac? Anyone else having issues?
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LumberingTroll  [developer] May 14 @ 6:42pm 
This is a known issue we are trying to track down, it just cropped up in our last patch. As soon as we have it fixed I will push a hotfix.
Indicah May 14 @ 6:47pm 
Oh okay, thanks! I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to test it out on my windows machine.
Dino Hunter May 15 @ 2:28pm 
Just installed the game on my Mac Mini running 10.9.3 and same thing. Once I hit the button to create a galaxy, it locks one proccessor @ 100%.
zambuck May 15 @ 2:40pm 
Ditto Macbook Pro 15". Needs force quit every time.
Draco May 15 @ 5:07pm 
Originally posted by Indicah:
Oh okay, thanks! I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to test it out on my windows machine.
It works great on Windows
Linux works well
From this post not so much on Mac

What I can tell you this company is awesome at fixing little bugs that pop up..
I cant say enough good things aboutt this awesome company.
Cogitation May 15 @ 6:46pm 
Good to know that this is being looked at. Greatly appreciated, and I wish you luck in squashing this bug!
jasonbutz May 15 @ 8:15pm 
Same issue, too bad I didn't see this thread before I sent a message to the support email address. Oops, oh well.
zms1997 May 15 @ 9:46pm 
If you load the save D12 you can fly that ship and do almost nothing else, But if i try and create a new galaxy the game just stops working and when i restart the game a save of that new game is created and that doesnt work either
Jargoon May 17 @ 3:44pm 
Same problem here, thanks to the devs for responding and tracking it down :)

If it helps, here's what I got in Console:

5/17/14 3:42:17.000 PM kernel[0]: process Kinetic Void[47049] thread 2610388 caught burning CPU!; EXC_RESOURCE supressed due to audio playback
5/17/14 3:42:40.995 PM spindump[47089]: Kinetic Void [47049] didn't gather any samples due to audio running
5/17/14 3:42:41.071 PM[204]: (unity.Badland Studio LLC.Kinetic Void.78000[47049]) Exited: Killed: 9
zms1997 May 18 @ 7:18pm 
If it's not to much trouble i would like to know a estimation of time when this will be fixed, i bought this game in the humble bundle and i really want to play it, the game looks amazing
Kris  [developer] May 19 @ 8:28am 
Alright guys just an update, we've narrowed it down to loading of ships. Galaxy creation it self isn't an issue it appears. So we are moving in the right direction now it's just to figure out why it's locking up now when the game loads a ship. We'll be pushing a hotfix for this ASAP when it is corrected and tested.
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